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posted on: Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So I'm blogging, after much resistance to the idea that I should subject the general public to the mundanities of my day-to-day life. Then someone suggested that maybe my daily life isn't so mundane. You be the judge.

Today I went to work at 8am, and got off at 10:45am. The rest of my day was spent eating, sunning on the pitiful excuse of a beach that is the shoreline of Lake Michigan, and creating this blog.

Most of my day was rather uninteresting to humanity at large, although I enjoyed it quite a bit. The 2+ hours spent at work might be of interest to some, so I'll divulge. Sparing gruesome details of course, for those who's stomachs have not yet reached my level of solidity.

I saw 2 autopsies today. In one, on a middle-aged woman shot to death by her "man" (husband? boyfriend? who knows?), I learned that bullets, when they pass through something hard (wood? drywall? again, who knows?), tend to splinter and fragment into a jillion tiny pieces that are very very difficult to get out of muscle, lung, breast tissue, etc. And we have to get them ALL out- can't go sending these bodies to their final resting places with pieces of bullet still in them.

The other one was a child abuse case- a baby that "fell" off a couch. Without divulging too many more details (who knows who's reading this thing anyway), let me just say that you don't get bilateral detached retinas from falling 14 inches off a couch. I observed from afar (while digging out bullet fragments), and thought about my fellow med student working on that baby and how she was handling it. She has a 1 year old daughter. As she said last week, "the world is a much scarier place when you're a parent." It made me thankful for this stage of my life in which I am NOT a parent. And I embrace every opportunity I get to be appreciative of where I am RIGHT now.

Enough with the heavy stuff.

Here's something I have re-learned about myself today: I am a quasi-perfectionist. I saw the beautiful blogs that friends and photographers that I know have created, and became immediately frustrated by the templates Blogger limits me to. How can I possibly publish something that I feel is less than stellar, and/or perfectly suited to my personality? I just don't have the time to learn HTML. And I refuse to pay good money for a blog template as long as clothing and shoes are still being manufactured.

This blog is clearly going to be a work in progress, as am I. The evolution of this blog might just take millions of years. I don't think I have that long.


  1. I hear you on the blogger templates, very frustrating. I'm so glad I twisted your arm so hard to start this!

  2. i am loving this already. i enjoy hearing about your day and especially the hard things you have to see. i know you are learning much more than medicine, em.

    as for the blog templates, my advice is keep it simple. great pictures and stories about your life are what its all about. i've learned a few things from working at shoprapunzels so let me know if you want some help. although, i think what you got looks great.

  3. I'm excited to see that blogging is still possible during rotations. I've been a blogger for many years now, but it's been more difficult to update regularly since I started med school.

    I've been floating from one site to another trying to find one that allows me to choose or make a template that I like best. Just give it some time.

    Hmmm, perhaps I might start a more consistent blog on Blogger too someday!

    Anyways, pathology sounds disturbing yet, interesting. I look forward to your updates!


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