26 days...

posted on: Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am getting married in 26 days.

And in my dreams, I look like Blake Lively. I may or may not have a gigantic girl crush on her. And said crush is how I justify my Gossip Girl obsession. Inside every intelligent, med-student, about-to-be-married woman lies a 15-year-old girl. It's okay.

So, blog-followers, I must say, engagement was great for the first couple of months...but of late, it's kind of starting to blow. I don't know (and, incidentally, will NEVER know, as this is my only shot at this) whether this is just something people go through, or if it's because I literally never see my fiance. He's on his surgery rotation and all he does is eat and sleep when he's not in the hospital. Last week, I spent maybe 1.5 hours of total contact with him, either on the phone or in person. It was ridiculous. And sad.

I miss my fiance. (Note: when you read the word "fiance", you should read it like I'm saying it...fee-ohns, not fee-on-say. It's fun.) I can't keep up with his life these days since we're hardly talking. I feel like I don't know him anymore. In a small sense, of course. Not a good way to get ready to get married.

I know how the surgery rotation thing goes. It sucks. He's SO not at fault here. But still, it's a shitty situation. And I'm bummed. So today I cleaned my house and am about to do my laundry. When in distress, I nest.

Maybe we'll have time to catch up on that loooong flight to Italy. I hope so.


  1. i think in everyones dream they look like blake on their wedding day. I've got a huge girl crush on her too.

    Sorry you haven't seen much of your fionce lately. At least you understand where he's coming from. It'll all change very soon when you are in ITALY getting married!! kisses


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