posted on: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

from the lovely Jessica Lorren Cornett 

Look what I received in the mail yesterday!! A disc! Of my images!

Like most sane, breathing humans, I L.O.V.E. mail. Especially when it is fun. And full of presents. My dear friend and exquisitely talented photographer Jess Cornett of JLP sent me a PACKAGE! Inside was my most-anticipated new-to-me camera: Jess's own Canon 40D SLR sharp shooter. Yes, ladies and germs, the camera that started it all. I am filled to the gills with pride at being chosen to inherit this lovely. True, I paid for it. But let me tell you the story:

Jess and I were talking weddings in Spring 2010. My wedding, specifically. You may revisit it here, if you so choose. Anyway. As I was dreaming up and concocting my vision for my big day, I developed a slight obsession with wedding blogs, and the gorg-upon-gorgeous photography therein. I began to dream of a day when I could have a *nice* camera of my very own, to capture the events of my own everyday life in a way that made them look more special. Always thinking 1.5 steps ahead, I thought to myself that such a camera would make an amazing Christmas present for ME...from my new husband. For our first Christmas together. Doesn't that sound nice? So I asked Jess about cameras: her advice on which ones were good, things to look for, things to avoid, etc. Lo and behold, Jess had such a camera for sale! However, timing is everything. And with a wedding/honeymoon in Italy, and our combined med-student salary of zero, it seemed that the camera would just have to go to another, more-suitable home, as we, just simply, could NOT swing it.

Then Aunt Sallie Mae came through. The bright spot of any medical student's day is when those loans come in. Just ask 'em.

So, months later, on a whim, I asked Jess if she had ever sold that camera...

She had not.

I think you can see where the story is going. The images you see here are courtesy of *ME*. That's right. You are witnessing the very rough beginnings of what I believe is commonly known as a hobby. I can't be sure. I haven't had one in quite a while. (Unless you count spending countless hours in coffee shops, jittering my way through medicine textbooks, a hobby.) So be patient with me, as I learn this time honored craft, and seek to tease out any bit of enjoyment I can from this whole experience. I hope to be better equipped to share my life with a way that makes it look like a life that someone might actually want to live. (my old Canon SD600 made life look pretttty shabby.) Here's a couple of happy accidents that occurred yesterday as I was playing with Cami (yes, I named the camera. I name things. It's okay.)...


  1. i am literally shaking my head right now ... because that girl - she's just too amazing.


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