A New Leaf

posted on: Sunday, September 26, 2010

The leaves on the trees have a new look...and so does my blog! This baby has been a work in progress for sure. Furthermore, I was solidly convinced that I had no more than 6 readers, including my mother. However, with the recent addition of the Blogger Stats tab, I have found that I stand corrected. Welcome Readers! I am honored that you choose to wander through my little blog as you carry out your day...and am honored more still when you leave your footprints behind (I'm referring to comments, here...try to follow my rough analogy :)).

In honor of fall and changing leaves and blogs and all that, here are some inspiring images I stumbled upon in my daily meander through BlogLand. Are these not the chicest of the chic? Usually, wearing scrubs comes as a welcome respite from the daily conundrum of what to wear. But now, I must say, I'm pretty sick of it. Starting tomorrow, I get an entire month of wearing normal clothes! And with ideas like these below, I look forward to making a canvas of my wardrobe. Perhaps a shopping trip is also in order...

Photos courtesy of the sartorialist and the shiny squirrel. Both courtesy of wit+delight.


  1. from one emily to another, just found your blog- and i adore your words, my long lost friend. keep writing :) -statnick (shekeepsitsimple.blogspot.com)


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