One Third

posted on: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sometimes in life, you have to celebrate milestones. No matter how small. To some, one third of a year may not seem like a long time. But when it marks the time you've been married to's an eternity.

I kid.

In all seriousness, today is our four-month milestone. Can't quite call it an "anniversary" now can we? Well, we did anyway. I'm just refraining from doing so here. Four months. One third of a year. It's flown by in a series of mostly blissful moments.

To commemorate, we put some of our wedding gift certificates to use and purchased the holy grail of cookware: a Le Creuset.

We also embarked upon a task that is rarely accomplished without an argument of some sort, and the occasional tear. We made vegetable soup. Together. Using these veggies.

Usually, cooking is something of a solo task for each of us. We have very different "visions" when we grab a knife, pots, pans. And usually they clash. Hence the solitude. But tonight, in honor of our four whole months of marriage, we intrepidly embarked upon the task of joining our visions, and embracing the beauty of collaboration.

It was a great success. The size of my still-full belly can attest to that.

Yes. This is really the size of our kitchen.

So here's to the next four months, and the four after that...and the forty million after that.


  1. Loved all these fun colorful pictues, and you are just too cute!! :) And happy 4 month anniversary!!! Hee hee!! Me and my hubby are coming up on 8 months!!! :)

  2. love le creuset, LOVE your header, and love your comment. oh theres so much love to go around. i am so glad to have "met" you too- and yes, roost is amazing, right?! as is sarah tucker. and you now!

  3. Le Creuset is the best! And happy 4 month anniversary. :)

  4. Congrats to you! Every bit of marriage should be requires a lot of self-sacrifice and is not easy. Hats off to you - and loving that Le Creuset!!



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