A Baby Shower

posted on: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've promised this baby shower post for weeks now....and here it is!
My bestie Meghan is a prego. And a cute one, God bless her. 
As you well know, I am not ready to have babies. 
But whenever I decide that I am, I hope I look as cute as her. 
Actually, all my friends have made SUPER cute pregos. 
L->R: Tiff, Susan, Val. aka, the teensiest bellies ever. Read their story here.

They have set the bar really high for me. Which is unfortunate, because I already like to eat NOW...and can picture myself enjoying that activity exponentially more when I am "eating for two" ...so I feel that the svelte-prego look is probably way out of my reach.

But anyway, back to Meghan...the belle of the baby shower.

Me & the Momma-to-be. Note the similarity in the size of our bellies. How unfortunate. For me.

Shower decor: a walk down memory lane for Megs.

Memories for Baby Annaleigh. Funny stories, words of wisdom, thoughts, prayers...

my GORGEOUS co-hosts: Susanna & Melody.

Silly baby shower games with good friends

the ladies

we were "holding up the world". a reference to how children are our future? i think?

stating the obvious. goofily.

puffballs found in a furnished home's decor should obviously be used as antennas.

Kiki's going to India...so she made baby Annaleigh a shirt to remember her by.
some very original posing here.
so there you have it! we showered Annaleigh Jane with tons of goodies. and the world is anxiously awaiting her arrival sometime in the middle of January. i'm secretly hoping that she just can't WAIT to come out, and will make her debut right around January 3rd. because then she can share a birthday with lil' ol' me. wouldn't that be lovely?


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