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posted on: Monday, November 1, 2010

Since I'm in San Antonio, I thought it appropriate to blog en espanol. A little. 

Well, here we are in November, and I'm still catching up on the events of October. Fortunately, my time in San Antonio has been relatively uneventful thus far. Aside from a fantastic shopping trip and a couple of dinners out, I have yet to see much of S.A. outside of Lackland Air Force Base...and the inside of Wilford Hall's ER. Sucks for me, but it does make it easier to accomplish my mission of blogging October.

So my brother got deployed to Afghanistan. I can say this now without getting choked up, but it was pretty touch and go there for a while. It's probably a good thing that I waited to talk about this until it stopped being so fresh. This way my computer keys can stay dry. 

But I digress. Before the brother (we will call him Joe...because that is his name) left, my whole fam-dam-ily got together at my parent's house in Jacksonville, FL.
Lovely day at Jax Beach

Hubs, Dad, Brother caught in a little futbol action.

My littlest little brother, Jesse...with some creature's shell on his head.

Sooo many shoes.

Stud. Period.

The ever-dreaded family photo. With some extra significant others. (Back row: Annie, Jesse, Mom, Dad, Abby; Front row: Joe, gf Melissa, me, hubs)

This is more like it.

Mom and Dad. 30 years and counting.   

Remember that surprise I said I was cooking up? Well here he is.
Meet Max. Orange kitten extraordinaire.
My mom is a huge cat person and has wanted, and I quote, "a little orange kitty" since before my wedding in May.
Given the circumstances, with her son going off to war and all, I figured now would be a good time for that kitty to arrive. Call him a distraction if you will.


Max and Abby (isn't she beautiful)

Worked like a charm. Max and his new owner are getting along famously.
I'm a smitch out of focus in this one. This is the product of others not knowing how to use my camera. (:
 And here's one from the oldies vault. Probably circa 1999. We were playing with these Disney Princess wigs that belonged to Annie (see above family photo. she's grown up a little since then too.)
The result was mostly humiliating, and priceless.
There just aren't words. Is my brother wearing a necklace? wtf.  Also, I'm wearing glasses. My vision is 20/13. No idea what I was thinking. 
So there you have it. We bid farewell to the brother for the next year. He gets leave in 6 months so there's a chance we'll see him then. He was last seen on an air base in Afghanistan, where he ran into one of his ol' USAF Academy buddies in a "random" twist of fate. 
(I don't believe it was random. I believe it can be aptly attributed to the "Airborne Ranger in the Sky", if you will.)

An Afghan rendezvous.

There are many many things I am thankful for, and one of them is that I have been able to be on an Air Force Base during this time right after my brother left. Something about being around all these airmen and officers makes my brother feel a little less far away. It does not, oddly enough, make ME feel anymore like an Air Force Officer. But it does make me feel closer to Joe. Blessings in disguise...

Okay, one more from the vault. Proof that I actually AM an officer. 
Me and the bro at my "commissioning ceremony" in my living room. (:
June 18, 2007. West Palm Beach, FL.
Still to come...a baby shower. 
Stay tuned!


  1. What AWESOME pictures Emily!!! Love that goofy family portrait. Classic!! And what a precious kitten! And that throwback pic of you and your bro? I LOLed on that one. Ok, I'm done!! :)

  2. this is a really cute blog. and a great post to read. best wishes to your brother!!


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