My Favorite Beatle

posted on: Friday, November 19, 2010

okay, so maybe he's not really a Beatle. 
but he's named after his mommy and daddy's favorite Beatle.

meet Harrison Snow.
(side note: best rockstar name ever? is there even a question about this?)
(side note #2: i was secretly hoping his parents would slip the name "Aldous" somewhere in his name. every child deserves to be forever linked to Russell Brand, don't you think?)

this post is dedicated to baby Harrison, because he is having surgery today! 
he was born November 1, and has lived in the NICU at THREE different hospitals since the  day he was born. and finally, some doctors got around to figuring out what they think is causing him to have so much trouble breathing (aren't we doctors so annoying that way? taking our sweet time...). 

he has a little hole in his diaphragm. i could go into the science behind why this gives him so much trouble, but i have a feeling that you'd be better off if i spared the gory details.

so today, Harrison is having surgery to repair that hole. and he--and his surgical team--could sure use your prayers.

who could say no to this sweet little face?
and his parents, Jeff and my dear friend Susan could sure use your prayers too.

aren't they just the most gorgeous couple?
Susan hasn't gotten to hold her baby very much in the past 2+ weeks. 
now, i can only imagine how tough this must be...but you mommies out there know just how very torturous this must be for her. so pray especially that she can hold her baby--sans wires and tubes and nursing supervision--very soon.

their first family photo.
fattest baby in the NICU

family reading time. Pinocchio is the selection of choice. they're so smart.

Susan and I were roommates with this other preggo

me and the roomies. and a rather elvish Michael Donehey creeping in the background. madison square garden circa 2006.

 ...right after college. and we became great friends in the process. which is no small feat, as those of you who have had roommates know. roommate does not always equal friend.

but friends we were. and are. 2006-2007 was a great time of life.
i was applying for med school (and succeeded. obviously. finally.) 
and working nights in an ER as a tech.
meg was planning her wedding and teaching middle schoolers how to be abstinent.
and susan was the rockstar: touring the country playing violin for a little band called 
Dashboard Confessional. 

you can totally see/hear her in this video.
when it made the VH1 Top Ten, we were FREAKING OUT in the living room.
much like we did when the bird flew down the fireplace and into the house. 

ahhh memories. 

and Jeff's rockstar-dom is nothing to sneeze at either.
he was the drummer for Legends of Rodeo (best band name ever?).
my first memory of Jeff is seeing him drum for Legends at this little bar in Lake Worth called Brogue's
i was so awestruck by his awesomeness that i actually waited around after the set
to tell him how awesome i thought he was.
i don't know if he remembers this. 

here's some Legends of Rodeo for ya.

and just in case you weren't convinced of Harrison's own rockstar status, here is an actual, in utero ultrasound photo of him...
no photoshopping. this is legit.
need i say more?

well anyway. rockstar-ness aside, Susan and Jeff and Harrison could use your prayers.

won't you send some up for them today?

p.s. if you want to follow Harrison's progress, Susan keeps us all updated here.


  1. oh my goodness, that ultrasound photo is amazing! along with everything else in this post! he is destined to be a star :) keeping their sweet little family in my prayers.

  2. update!

    Harrison's surgery was a great success! Keep praying until he gets to go home...but things are looking good!

    Best of all, the peace that passes understanding came over Susan & Jeff during the whole thing.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  3. So happy to hear little harrison's surgery went well!! will keep praying.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!! I cannot BELIEVE that ultrasound pic!!! This will be part of his identity for the rest of his life.... how funny!!!

  5. he is so beautiful and perfect. and i love his rock star name! i will send as many positive thoughts out there as i possibly can. his ultrasound is the coolest thing ever!

    love this post.

  6. That ultrasound picture is too crazy/neat. While I am years behind on this blog post, I hope everything ended out ok with Baby Harrison. I saw Beatles in this post and had to view it. I decorated my son's nursery in John Lennon's Real Love theme that he designed for his son. Although my son Miller passed away at birth, I'm even more of a fan of the Beatles now than I was before. I'm loving your blog and can't wait to look around more.


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