six months

posted on: Sunday, November 28, 2010

on this day, exactly six months ago, i was doing this...

we celebrated our whole six months of wedded bliss by basically laying around the shoebox all day:
hanging closet hooks
watching movies and football
doing laundry
cooking a delicious italian meal
it was divine.

my darling husband asked me this morning, "are you going to make a big deal of this for the rest of our lives?"
i replied, "yes."
because, to me, it's life's celebrations--little and big--that make it worth living.

six months down, six million to go.
here's to a marriage that is forever as happy as we were today.


  1. so sweet. and i agree with you - celebrate it all! to the hilt.

    congrats on 6 months o wedded bliss

  2. This is so sweet!!! Congratulations love birds!!! :) Isn't marriage wonderful?! :) <3


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