Thoughts on Decorating for Christmas

posted on: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

too soon? 
i think not. 

last year, on a particularly dreary November day, the weekend before Thanksgiving, i told my hubs that i was just going to "pull out" my Christmas decorations. just to see them. (though, come to think of it, at the time, he was just a boyfriend. 2010 has been a big year.)

well, he took one look at me "looking" through my Christmas decorations, grabbed his keys, and said "i'll be back". i was left, sitting on the floor with my decorations strewn out all around me, mini-fake-Christmas tree still in pieces. sad, and very confused.

within a matter of minutes, he was back, and got right to work in the kitchen. moments later, he had struck up the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Pandora station, and placed a Dirty Girl Scout martini (Nick was a bartender before becoming a med he made his up. But you can find the recipe here.) in my hand. then he settled back on the couch, with a martini in his own hand (somehow managing to look manly and delicious while holding a martini glass), and said something to the effect of, "carry on."

i could not have been more in love at that moment. smitten, i was. 

here's the finished result of last year's decorating:

kitties love having trees in the house.
there was also a wreath involved. and several "mistletoe"-scented candles. and, of course, mistletoe. obviously not pictured here.
i may have mentioned this before, but we live in a shoebox. hence the teeny-tiny Xmas tree. next to the radiator. hoping it doesn't catch fire. thank God it's fake. 

THIS year, we will ALSO be decorating for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving. right after we get back from San Antonio. right before Nick's family comes in to town. with Dirty Girl Scout martinis. and Pandora. deja vu. 

got any Christmas decorating traditions? let's hear 'em!


  1. awww that cat under the tree is the cutest picture ever. that is soo what i wish i was doing. :) my mom puts the same angel on our tree every year. and i absolutely love it.

  2. Gorgeous Tree?!?!
    AND dirty girl scout Martini?
    How funny! I love the name!

  3. That story is precious! Nick is such a sweet heart.

    I can't stop thinking about Christmas either!! we have to go buy a fake tree since JB is allergic. i've been talking JB's ear off about it. And I brought all of my ornaments out yesterday. Oddly enough, I got lots and lots as engagement presents? i am certainly not complaining. (:

    & the tree looks beautiful! bravo miss emily!


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