Emily's Favorite Things: #12

posted on: Friday, December 17, 2010

also, while i'm on a blog-roll
and since i now know that my residency future is secure
i will share with you Favorite Thing #12.

i'm totally ripping this off from Julie & Julia
but i don't care.

after watching that movie, and after spending four years in Chicago
(a town with truly great food)
i decided that i, too, would love to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook

yes plz?
i am not nearly so ambitious as to commit to such an undertaking in one year.
but i thought to myself, that perhaps over the course of a residency, this could be possible.
residency is three years.
totally doable, right?
even for a busy newlywedded doctor such as myself?

wish me luck!
while i am not committing to blogging about it,
i'm sure a few recipes will sneak their way onto the blog every now and then.
the project won't start until residency begins in July
but i think Christmastime would be a perfect time to at least get the book?
to get me started?

are you listening?


  1. How FUN! Can you believe I haven't seen that movie yet!! Maybe I'll just read your blog, instead!! :)

  2. So fun! You are amazingly ambitious for doing this, that book is still a little over my head, I think. :)


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