Emily's Favorite Things: #s 8-10

posted on: Friday, December 10, 2010

okay. so it's been a rough week. 
and that "holiday feeling" is pretty scarce around here.
part of me wishes i could've still mustered up some happy to tend to the blog
but i just couldn't. 
so i'm making my own rules. and today is favorite things 8-10. 

when i'm feeling this way, period...it's depressing. but when i'm feeling this way around Christmas, it's especially depressing. because i feel like the holiday season is whipping past me and i'm not getting as caught up in it as i wish i could. 
remember when you were a kid and starting counting down to Christmas after Thanksgiving...and it seemed like it would NEVER come?
when did Christmas sneak up on you and come and go like lickety-split?
i would imagine that the transition took place somewhere between a driver's license and medical school for me. 
so unfortunate.

thankfully, there's Christmas movies. 

it's a wonderful life.
that George Bailey. he never fails to remind me that it really IS a wonderful life. 
and that it could always be worse. (:

"buddy the elf what's your favorite color?"
always makes me smile, he does. and if you've never run screaming in and out of one of those whirly twirly door things in new york city, then you're seriously missing out.

the family stone
poor SJP. always saying the MOST wrong thing at the wrong time. my skin crawls every time i watch the scene at the dinner table. 
and i always cry at the end. no matter what mood i'm in.
but this is an especially good wallowing Christmas movie. and somehow, makes all my problems seem smaller.
i mean, MY mother is not dying. thank god. 

i also love The Holiday. the dialogue, though awkward at times, is saved by Jude Law's incredibly good looks and charm. and who can resist those adorable daughters of his?? 
"you don't like hot cocoa?"



  1. Awww, girl. I know exactly how you feel, really. Even this year, while I'm not as busy as I have been in years past, I STILL feel like the month is just zooming by. That's why I wrote about the best part of Christmas taking place in your own home, in those quiet moments when you can sit and just reflect and enjoy the season from your own living room. :)


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