i believe in Santa Claus

posted on: Friday, December 24, 2010

...and this is why i do.

me and Santa. circa 2004.
i know that there are hardly words for this picture
but allow me to attempt to explain...
that. is me. as an elf. rocking the green Chucks and sofees.
and Santa is my granddaddy.

we are in Israel, of all places, bringing toys to kids in children's hospitals there.
(it's not all Jewish down there in Israel. there's a ton of Palestinians too. if you recall.)
and they believe in/LOVE Santa Claus.

today, my Santa granddaddy can be found at the Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville, TN
...but only until evening.
then he has to jet back up to the North Pole to load up his sleigh and trek around the world tonight.

if you're still not convinced, here's my friend Zach Williams singing a little tune to help you believe, too.

if you like his tunage, you can pick up a free, full-length album of his here
i recommend "James" and "Hospital" 
(Hospital is about when his wife Stacy was in the hospital after falling off a horse and literally breaking her neck. I dare you to have dry eyes while listening to this song.)

anyway. we went to college together and sang in chapel together and the Williams' are stand-up people. who create the most adorable children. 
but that's neither here nor there.
get the music. it's free.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh man, that picture is priceless. PRICELESS!!!

    Hope you had a great Christmas girl!! :)

  2. Em this picture is AMAZING!! Hope you both had a great Christmas and a happy new year!


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