merry christmas eve eve

posted on: Thursday, December 23, 2010

for those of you who only exist in my blogosphere, and not in my USmailosphere...
here's a lil glimpse of the Fleming Christmas card 2010.

thanks, shutterfly.
also known as our very first Christmas card.
2010 has been a rather big year for us.
we got engaged December 25, 2009.
and got married May 28, 2010.
in Italy.
then had a reception in California July 10, 2010.
woah whirlwind.
to say nothing of finishing our 3rd year of medical school
starting our 4th year
taking Step 2 Board exams
moving in together (obviously. i hope.)
and then, last week, i found out i get to do residency in San Antonio, TX.
(it's pretty much a sure thing that Nick will get to also. don't worry. we find out for 100% sure in March, but we're pretty much considering it a formality. hope this cavalier attitude doesn't come back to bite us...)

this is literally a 10 year dream-come-true.
(remember those kids in undergrad who knew what they wanted to do on Day One of freshman year? and they actually did it? well. that was me. IS me. i've known i wanted to be an ER doc since i was 16. and now it's actually happening. pinch me?)
but it has all been amazing.
incredibly blessed and mostly blissed. (;

since i seem to be more of a binge blogger than one who can actually consistently do this daily, if i don't see ya till after Christmas...i sincerely wish you and yours a very very merry one.
and if i miraculously pull another one out...
well...don't count on that one.


  1. Congratulations on an amazing year!! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  2. Congrats on the great job in SA town!! That's my home town! You'll love it. Sounds like a wonderful year!! Happy for y'all :)

    New follower!!

    Oh and LOVE the Christmas card. Absolutely adorable!! xoxo


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