Sibbies and the City

posted on: Friday, December 31, 2010

this week has been a whole new version of SATC for me.
(note the title of this post)
A, J, and A--aka the sibs--came back to Chicago with me and Nick after Christmas.

their fascination with snow was both unparalleled 
and beyond my ability to predict.
there was no snowbank left untouched by these three Floridians. 
they were more into the snow than the city, i think.

bundled up and ready to brave the cold!

the destination. night one.

annie, abby, jesse.

plus nick and me. the bookends.

pretty girl (:

A: "my cheeks are freezing!" me: "so pull your scarf up." A: "but then i'll look like a terrorist!" touche, Abby. touche.

at the Bean. this one was not so blurry...

this one oh-so-blurry. what happened?

i love this one. and these people.
channeling their inner Captain. not my idea, i swear.

not a single in-focus shot of him to be found.

like a whirling dervish, he is.

"look ma, i'm skating!" (note the grip on the railing)

not too sure about this

a rare shot of me in front of the camera. fixing loose laces.

the Kreidel kids. minus one.


him trying to make me fall. my double chin is proof positive that i enjoyed many meals this holiday season.

the elusive Jesse. rarely caught on film.

a skate star!

snowball fight: cause and effect.

snow and the city

snow angels. duh.

covered in snow and still smiling...

...and this is why. exacting her revenge.

sweet face

leaving their mark (at least it wasn't yellow snow)

somebody got some snow down her jacket.
some apres-ice-skating deep dish.

at the American Girl store. her heart stopped a little.

museum of science and industry

baby chick! (and baby fingerprints on glass.)

yes. that is exactly what you think it is.
maybe not the best shot to end on, but i couldn't resist.

so there you have it.
my sibbies visiting the frigid north, for possibly the last time before we move to Texas.
we had a fantastic time.

they left yesterday and i spent hours cleaning the grime off my house
(you'd think the shoebox would take less time to clean, right?)
then i slept for an inordinate period of time.
gallivanting around Chicago with three teenagers (well, almost teenagers.) really takes it out of ya.

i have a renewed respect for mothers and those who work inside the home 
(i dasn't call them housewives)
and a renewed love for birth control.

ain't my time yet, folks. 
for now, i'm content to love them, and send them back.


  1. this is precious...minus the last photo which is just priceless really!

  2. Great pictures! Looks so fun.

    Happy New Year, Emily!

  3. HAHA thank you for the last picture. Just what I needed on a never-ending Friday! P.S. I swear I'm not some creepy loser even though I have obviously spent my day reading your blog from its inception.


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