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posted on: Thursday, May 13, 2010

In keeping with 24-hour-old traditions established by my iFriend Sarah Tucker (since we've never met face to face...someday. she is my internet romance.) and my dearFriend Emily Collins (em&em...melt in your mouth, not in your hand), here are a few of my favorite dresses. I decided to stick with dresses I actually own, and exclude the ones I have borrowed. I am a huge borrower of dresses, as I discovered today. Acceptable? Yes, I think so.

Here we go.

This is a Laundry by Shelli Segal. It is actually my very first "real" dress, purchased my freshman year of college. It took me a while to feel okay with being a girl. Sorry, world, for the delay. But now I'm out. And I'm proud! (the girl in the lovely fur is a Texan sister of one of my brother's friends. she supplied the flask for the wedding we were attending that night. we were obviously instant friends. can't remember her name though.)

A close-up of the very same. Me and my dashing little brother. As you can see, the "little" moniker may be a tad misleading.

This is a slinky little number from that classiest of classy shops, Express. Blue is my favorite color. And satin is a favorite fabric. The combination of the two make it easy to love. I have even braved Chicago winters in this dress with tights and boots. A sacrifice for fashion, let me tell you. Warm, my friends, satin is not.

I love love love this dress. Though now, I have to have a few cocktails before I can legitimately wear it out in public without tights. It is my first dVf (Diane von Furstenberg, for those not savvy), purchased at Nordstrom Rack for a steal of a price. Alas, it met its match in my washing machine, who acrimoniously shrunk it. It is still my happiest of sexy dresses, but the short dress/long legs combo leaves little to the imagination. Never fear friends. I am brave. Especially with gin and tonic on board.

This was my wedding dress for the Great Wedding Smorgasbord circa Summer 2009. It was a gift from the one and only Tiffany M Jezek (who is now with child, God bless her), and it is a Betsey Johnson. Confession: all of my Betseys may or may not have come from TMJ. Additional Confession: this dress accentuates my boobs in all their glory, ergo, it is Nick's favorite of all my dresses. He's a simple man. Above, Nick and I are kickin it at Susanna Lewis McMillan's wedding. Below, I am flirting with a stone lion at Katherine Sharkey Prudhomme's wedding. Note: I am using a fancy photog trick and making the background B&W so my pink dress looks more fancy. There is not a huge gray stain on my dress. I am not Monica Lewinsky.

Last but not least, I have a new-found appreciation for dresses that are white. :) The dress below is one of my latest acquisitions...purchased in the NYC with Emily Collins by my side and cheering me on all the way. I went to visit Emily for her birthday, and it was on this most fortunate of trips that I discovered INA. At this fabulous store, I snagged a flawless pair of Marc Jacobs flats, and my bridal shower/bachelorette party dress. It's a Sheri Bodell. Without further ado...

The lovely lady by my side is none other than my mother, Bryn Morrison Kreidel. Clearly you can see where I get my good looks. :)

These are my current favorites, but there is a new, white little number that's climbing the charts. She'll make her debut in 15 days!...

26 days...

posted on: Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am getting married in 26 days.

And in my dreams, I look like Blake Lively. I may or may not have a gigantic girl crush on her. And said crush is how I justify my Gossip Girl obsession. Inside every intelligent, med-student, about-to-be-married woman lies a 15-year-old girl. It's okay.

So, blog-followers, I must say, engagement was great for the first couple of months...but of late, it's kind of starting to blow. I don't know (and, incidentally, will NEVER know, as this is my only shot at this) whether this is just something people go through, or if it's because I literally never see my fiance. He's on his surgery rotation and all he does is eat and sleep when he's not in the hospital. Last week, I spent maybe 1.5 hours of total contact with him, either on the phone or in person. It was ridiculous. And sad.

I miss my fiance. (Note: when you read the word "fiance", you should read it like I'm saying it...fee-ohns, not fee-on-say. It's fun.) I can't keep up with his life these days since we're hardly talking. I feel like I don't know him anymore. In a small sense, of course. Not a good way to get ready to get married.

I know how the surgery rotation thing goes. It sucks. He's SO not at fault here. But still, it's a shitty situation. And I'm bummed. So today I cleaned my house and am about to do my laundry. When in distress, I nest.

Maybe we'll have time to catch up on that loooong flight to Italy. I hope so.
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