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posted on: Sunday, January 30, 2011

whew. what a week.

thank god the week-END was relatively chill.
here's what went down:

1. finished up my first, last, and only rotation with mi esposo. 
thank. god. (now. ladies. i know you think you love your man. i'm sure you do. but can you work with him? and not in an environment where you are both established in your field, but in one where you are both still kissing ass and sucking up and trying to prove to your attending physician (read: boss) that you are capable of having people's lives in your hands--since you are, after all, in the ICU of all places--and trying oh so very hard not to look like an idiot. i could write a whole blog post on the psyche of medical training in America these days. i'll refrain for now, but suffice it to say, the whole, lovey-dovey newlywed thing does not lend itself very well to a medical training environment. to say nothing of the competition of it all.)  it's over, is all i can say. got a little hairy there toward the end, but we survived, and did indeed make it to....

2. our eight monthiversary! 
for us, 1.28.11 demarcated eight months of wedded bliss (well. MOSTLY blissful. see #1). we were still weeding through the aftermath of the above, so it was not much of a celebration. and no pictures were taken. probably for the better. but the date came. and went. and we survived. and are still married. and happy. (: now.

3. we took a photography class.
thanks to youswoop.com, for a low low price, we were able to attend the Richard Stromberg School of Photography, as a date. there was wine, and cheese, and best of all, the decoding of the ever-mysterious terms "f-stop". "aperture". (i now know that those are pretty much the same thing) "shutter speed". "ISO". and how to manipulate these things to take better pictures.

so professional.

i swear he has a face.
 note: i am still practicing the "take better pictures" part. have patience.

4. we went to dinner with friends. 
sadly--or not so sadly, we had SUCH a good time at dinner (cafe 28. cuban food. delish. thanks, chicago, for another delightful evening), that this was the only photo taken. so enjoy it.
see the "A to Z" bottle, 5th from the left? highly recommend it.

5. i gave myself a mani/pedi.
using this delicious color, as it reminds me of warmer days to come...

essie. such cute bottles. though, in truth, i prefer opi's brushes. (:
i also love how this color--or a slight variation thereof--is showing up all over j.crew's spring collection...and by "all over", clearly i mean all over the models' lips.
j.crew. i love you.
6. we cleaned the shoebox. 
nick did the bathroom. he's too wimpy to touch toilets sans gloves, so these are the ones he uses.
yes. those are size small.
funny side story: nick walked into the hallway of our building wearing these gloves, and apparently happened to make eye contact with one of our neighbors (this doesn't happen often). he came back in the house and was like "great. now she probably thinks i've stashed a body somewhere." i busted up laughing. HIlairious, he is.
nothing sexier than the sight of a man cleaning.
another side note: these pictures are a tad underexposed for my taste, however, in my own defense, i must point out that during this mini photo shoot, all the images through my viewfinder were super blurry. i panicked, convinced that either a) i was losing my vision OR b) the camera was broken...not sure which would've been worse. nick checked it out and confirmed the blurriness, so i knew my vision was fine. (whew.) i immediately googled my problem and discovered how to...

7. adjust the diopter on my camera.
for my fellow un-informed friends, that would be the little dial to the right of the viewfinder (if you have a canon 40d. no idea where it is on other models. i don't own any other models. (: ). this was a pretty big deal for me. postponed my heart attack for another day and time. hence the reason why it gets its own number.

8. i dreamed of france. 
mostly aided by the sweet croonings of this gem

and that, my friends, is all.


  1. that little bit on fstop and aperture is basically my photography class. like, you just taught me more than i knew.

    i need to take a friggin class.

  2. I want to take a class now too!! Except that all the classes that Houston offers start at 6pm, and I would be late to every flipping class. Boo!!

    I might see if some place around here does a weekend seminar :) Thanks for the quick how to's!!

  3. What a wonderful list! It's always nice getting to really know how a camera works-- I'm learning every day :)


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