it was a very good year

posted on: Sunday, January 2, 2011

just hours after getting engaged
 in order to tell you about 2010, i really have to start in 2009.
my year kicked off with a rock.
an engagement ring, to be exact.
on Christmas Day.
 then we rang in the New Year...
Hello 2010!  Welcome!
 Then in January, we went to Galena, Illinois with some besties from med school...
a Galena waterfall. and besties' behinds.
also, I turned 26.
February brought the warmth of Katelynn's red hair..
red and green look SO good together
 March brought some showers.
just one, to be exact.
of the bridal variety.
for me.
and many of my besties traveled far and wide to be with me.
it was grand.
i seriously have the hottest friends.
not to be outdone,
in April, my friends and classmates in Chicago took me out on the town
for a little bachelorette action
it's a bachelorette sandwich!
May brought the big day
but first we did Italy with the fam
Cinque Terre

Firenze (Florence, for all you non-Italians (: )
 May 28, 2010
(note that 2+8=10. and 10 is a multiple of 5. and May is the 5th month. i told you i'm a teensy bit obsessed with 5's.)
pinch me? i can't believe that ACTUALLY happened.

making it legal. in an old palace. no big deal.

he likes me. a little.

okay so i like him too.
(all GOOD May images courtesy of Jessica Lorren Photography)

in June, i literally didn't take a single picture.
this is because I was studying for Step 2 of my boards. 
kind of like June didn't even happen.

anyway. on to July!
Nick and I roadtripped from Chicago to California,
where all our friends and family were waiting to shower us with love AGAIN.
(we are very spoiled. i'm aware of this.)
we had a reception in Santa Cruz, CA. Nick's hometown.
me and mi mamacita.

me, the cousins, and the brother. (one of the brothers)

me and mi papacita. and the wedding dress makes its second appearance.

more beautiful besties

that margarita was delish.

the broheim made it to Cali AND Italy for my big day(s). he's my hero. truly.
 we took advantage of our time in Cali
and did a little Big Sur camping
not too shabby, Camp America

my handsome camp-mates.
i also did a little Napa with RachieRach

in August, we were back in the Chi
and enjoying a little Ray Lamontagne in the park.
while i desperately tried to figure out how to use my new (used) Canon 40D
 in September, not much happened.
mostly because I LIVED at Cook County Hospital
in the Trauma Bay
on call.

but I did get a Le Creuset!
 October was a month of trips.
Farm Aid (not pictured here)

trip to FL to see la familia
and mi hermano
before he left for ol' Afghany
for a lil' baby shower
and some much needed lake time with these beauties

 then we were off to Tejas in November
where all I saw was the inside of an ER
and a whoooooole lotta these.
 got back to Chicago just in time for Thanksgiving
where I looked like this
because my Cowboys lost.
Marion Barber is my fave.
December was a whirlwind.
you were all kept abreast of most of my comings and goings during this month
the fact that I matched!
and will be MOVING to San Antonio
to become an ER doctor
once and for all.

but on the side,
I went to Brooklyn to visit this beauty
em&em. melt in your mouth. not in your hand.
 i built one of these.
 made a stop in Philly to take a whack at this...
oops...did i do that?
then back to Chicago with these fine folks
 my last moments of 2010.
note the slight degeneration of my person throughout the night...

my husband. what a pimp.

looking a wee bit guilty. no idea what i did.
so there you have it ladies and gents
(although let's be honest. there are probably no men reading this blog.)
(except maybe for you, Joe. and this in no way makes you less of a man.)

out with 2010.
in with 2011.
so far, 2011 has been filled with quite a bit of lounging.
as it should be.

i need to rest up.
my 27th year begins in precisely 42 minutes...


  1. Loving all your pictures darling!! Definitely was a great year for you! Here's to hoping 2011 is ten times better. Happy birthday friend!! <3 <3

  2. i've just stumbled into your awesome blog and love this re-cap post! it's great to get filled in on the whole 20-dime hi lights. you two are such a beautiful couple and your wedding is 100% adored. oh, the italy pics give me a feeling of melancholy, it's been a while since i last visited and want more than anything to return. cheers lades to an equally stellar 2011. ♥


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