a lovely engagement

posted on: Sunday, January 23, 2011

this week was busy. and full of fun with friends.
melissa...who has been my long-lost friend since august, as she has been in D.C. doing away rotations so she could be near her fiance...returned!
only for the weekend, but it was enough to tide me over till i go visit her in D.C. in Feb
(how are you appreciate the play-by-play on my life thus far?)

then, another friend, todd, enlisted my help to plan the most surprisiest of surprise proposals for my friend jen.

it went off like clockwork...and i even managed to document it all on film....

the cuuuutest lil goat.

he's the mascot for this restie. chef is Stephanie Izard, of Top Chef fame. delish. so. delish.

the lovely jen. she hates this picture. but i love it. and this is MY blog.

we did a lot of this.

randi and julie. i'm still not great at focusing on two faces when one is closer to me. anyone?

the oh-so-infuriatingly-photogenic melissa. or quick, as i like to call her. because it's her last name.

phase two of the evening. we went from dinner to the Hancock, for some "scenic cocktails"

go Bears! sad day.

the "scenic" part. from the 96th floor of the Hancock, you can see all of Chicago.
 note: i blame the cocktails for my inability to actually capture any of Chicago's BUILDINGS on film
they were immediately to my left from here. 
moments after she said yes. epitome of happiness.

a reenactment.

putting on the ring.


the PRETTIEST flowers.

then we met back up with friends for a celebration at the Irish pub du jour: Butch McGuire's

hey look! there's me! (and nick.)

something was hiLARious.


jen and todd. the happy couple.

kaveh, quick, jen. and look! i found my flash!

i think quick likes this pose.
so there you have it.
yes, it was a weekend recap.
but i think this was a weekend that deserved recapping.


  1. I looooove how happy everyone is in this. you captured the evening perfect Emily! and i just "pinned" your moet picture. AHHHHMAZING!

  2. those pictures of you and your hubs are adorable. lovin the blog!


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