random facts...and an award

posted on: Monday, January 10, 2011

well well well. i have won something.

and let me tell you. it feels sublime.
to know that someone out there appreciates my random ramblings enough
to deem lil ol' me...
--a Stylish Blogger--

and thereby award me with this...

i know. you probably feel i don't deserve it.
i, too, feel unworthy. 
and blessed.

anyhow. the stipulations are, i am to list 7 random things about myself, and to pass it on to whomever i deem worthy. 
game on.
  1. if i could see any band live--past or present--it would be Led Zeppelin. if the band had to actually have all live members, i'd have to go with Wilco.
  2. i make amazing guacamole.
  3. i am a second lieutenant in the US Air Force. and i will be a Captain in May.
  4. i was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  5. i love food. no, seriously. i will splurge on it without reservation. i might even call myself a "foodie". ooo and wine too. i love wine. and gin. especially Beefeater. mostly because i just like to walk up to the bar and say "do you have any Beefeater?" try it. it's fun.
  6. i know you all think you are married to the greatest guy out there. but you are mistaken. i am. he even drives me crazy by taking until January to renew his truck registration which expired in...September. not that i'm bitter. at all.
  7.  Emily is my middle name. i'm not telling my first name.
so now I'm supposed to pass it on.
i'm a tad apprehensive about this, because i feel that it might be bad form to bestow this honor upon someone twice...
however, i'm afraid i have not the time to thoroughly look and see if any of the people i'm listing are repeat offenders.

so forgive me. 
apparently more than one person thinks you're stylish, if this happens.
it's a good thing.

Rachel @ rachelisabeth
Marseille @ him&her
Coco @ Roost
Eleni @ My Paradissi

seriously though. check out these blogs, if you haven't already. 
they're daily reads for me, all.


  1. Thank you Emily!
    I'm so flattered I got this award for the second time!
    You're right, it feels like the first time again, I'm so happy!!!
    It's nice to meet you =)

  2. Thank you Emily!!

    I want to know you're first name realllly bad now. both of my sisters use their middle names too.

  3. When Led Zeppelin did their reunion concert a little while back (minus Bonham of course) my husband freaked out. He talked about how bad he wished he could go for weeks. Later I tried to get him tickets to a movie about Zeppelin's best live moments, but he wasn't as excited about that, ha.

  4. congratulations! love your random facts and now i'll be stumped all day about your 1st name ; )

    pea ess: i seriously am in love with your blogs header. so cute! ♥

  5. i read bridget and sarah's blogs every day. :) and your blog header is toooooo cute! ps - amazing guacamole? can we be friends?!


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