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posted on: Friday, January 7, 2011

27 hit me pretty hard.

on the morning of my birthday,
a. it was monday.
b. i had to work. (i haven't had to go work/school on my birthday since maybe....2nd grade?)
how is this possible?..you ask? well, leap years aside, i was homeschooled. and i always insisted that school start AFTER my day of birth. so there.
c. i woke up with some wicked aches and pains. (possibly due to the reincarnation of my gym routine post-Xmas-break.)
d. the day before my birthday, i skyped mi broheim in Afghany (yay!) and he informed me that i was a mere 3 years from 30.


thanks for the reminder, lil bro. i'll be sure to cushion the blow for you when your time comes.

but then the hubs made me breakfast.
and we went to work together (big first. we've never had the same rotation at the same hospital before.)
then we got off at like, 1pm (which NEVER happens. and is clearly awesome.)
went to the gym. (i know. strong moves. it IS 2011 after all.)
and went shopping.

it was sort of a modified shopping trip, since we went to REI
which is clearly a sporting goods store
but we were on a mission...

for this!
 meet my new backpack.
it's sort of a backpack/duffel/amazingness.
there's a zip-away daypack which will hold my camera, jacket, etc.
and then the straps zip away into another compartment to make it easier to check/carry on planes.
plus, the lumbar support.
oh...the lumbar support.

in action.

gratuitous butt shot. obviously Nick was my photographer here.
 where am i going, you ask?

oh...just a little place called Turkey.


after we work our way through Turkey,
we'll do a little hopping through the Greek Isles

oh hello Santorini
just for a wee taste of freedom before we are chained to our respective residency programs

and because we have a month of vacation still to burn before graduation

and because we love to travel

and because we can

thank God in heaven for that!
gotta love the self-timer. and the off-centeredness.

my tulip. from the other side of my new lens.
so there you have it.
my birthday in a nutshell.

27 has been pretty rough for me all week,
and now i think i've caught some vicious disease from one of my patients in the ICU.
(thanks a lot.)

but hopefully i've effectively adjusted to 2011,
and can get back to my normal blogging routine.


  1. Welcome to 27!!

    We're planning on Turkey and greece too. when is your big trip? i'll hope and hope somehow we cross paths. (:

  2. Aah so exciting about your trip! Happy birthday!

  3. EMILY!!! You are so adorable. Happy birthday, pretty girl!! I hope you get to feeling better real soon!!!

    And TURKEY!! And the GREEK ISLES!!! JEALOUS! I can't wait to hear all about that.

    Looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store for you!

  4. what a marvelous plan! I always wondered how I would fit my love for traveling among my academic plans... i love it how you have it all so very well figured out darling!

  5. Wow, that sounds like an awesome holiday! I hope you have an amazing time! :)

  6. that sounds like an amazing trip! welcome to 27, it's not all that bad :) happy birthday!

  7. Hey Emily!
    Great travel choices I must say! You should definitely visit Santorini for its beautiful architecture and scenery, Mykonos for its wild life partying (if you like that kind of stuff), Mylos for its stunning beaches (although all islands are full of those =), Rhodes for its castles and of course if you have time come to Crete! It's a big island so it needs plenty of days to discover its beauties but definitely worth it!
    Well, actually, I'm sure you're going to have a great time wherever you go -each island has its own unique beauties- as long as you put yourselves into slow motion and enjoy the abundant sunlight!


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