day nine

posted on: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

9. How you hope your future will be like.

i'm not in the mood to discuss hopes and dreams at the moment.
i'm pretty cranky. for many reasons.

so i'm using my liberties as dictator of this blog and making a slight edit.
#9 is no longer how you hope your future will be like.
#9 is now #12. Bullet your whole day.
and #12 is #9.

this is both because on day #12 i will be driving. and bulleting a day of driving is boring.
and also because i'm cranky. fighting with the hubs. cold. sore. hungry. and just generally a big ray of sunshine at the moment.

so here we go.
  • wake up at 6:45
  • kiss the husband
  • pee. wash face. brush teeth.
  • attempt to get dressed [note the lack of shower. fear not. it happened last night. the hair, however, was not washed. hence the bad hair day.]
  • note that laundry still was not done, so therefore you are out of clean scrubs. [fail]
  • put on "professional" attire.
  • fix lunch. and coffee. to go.
  • feed the cat.
  • walk 2 blocks to where your car is parked (thanks, Lincoln Park) and drive to work.
  • rediscover one's love for John Mayer on the way to work.
  • at the hospital, look up overnight info and lab results on your patients in the Critical Cardiology unit.
  • see, examine, and talk to patients (those that do not exclusively speak Romanian)
  • make suggestions to the residents about what the patients need (Echo's, sleep studies, Heparin anti-Xa levels, etc.)
  • go to lecture (at this point, it is 10am)
  • go to lunch lecture
  • skip out on lunch lecture after 15 minutes
  • realize you are bored. play Words with Friends.
  • round with the Attending Physician whose mission in life is to purposely ask you questions that you don't know the answer to.
  • see, examine, talk to new patients
  • leave the hospital
  • decide whether to go to the gym
  • see a good parking spot in your neighborhood and decide to DEFINITELY not go to the gym
  • randomly conduct a major purge of one's closet
  • start laundry
  • eat dinner
  • shower
  • rinse, and repeat.
well there ya go. not leaps and bounds more interesting than describing a long drive by oneself, but's my life. welcome to it.

now do you see why i blog? you people are infinitely more interesting than me.


  1. im not gonna lie...this was the most interesting post. and it may or may not be because i am a medical junkie. not, like, addiction to meds, but addiction to medical careers. can you talk more about your days as a doc? thanks.

  2. this post made me smile... now i know what i have to look forward to hehe ;)

  3. totally enjoying your 30 day challenge, random closet purges happen for me as well...usually coinciding with "it's getting a little messy in here"... :)


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