day six

posted on: Sunday, February 20, 2011

#6. write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

thank. God. it's something light and fluffy.
after yesterday's heaviness, we need a little fluffiness up in this blog.

i'll try to think of new things that i haven't already blogged about.
surely i am interesting enough to think up 30 totally NEW things.
we'll see...

1. i tend to O.D. on fruit. i ate so many bananas in the first 5 years of my life, that i couldn't stand bananas until about 6 months ago. now i like 'em again. i also used to have a big thing for granny smith apples. now me and granny smith are on the outs.

2. i dye my own hair. but i don't use a box. my bff Johanna is a master colorist (that may or may not be her actual title. but it's what i choose to call her.) and she showed me how to put together my colors and my developer to get what i want. this doesn't stop my hair stylist here in Chicago from openly judging me for dyeing it myself. it's ok. i still love him.

3. i have saved every card or note i have received since high school. the ones from Nick are in a special place.

4. i was cross-eyed as a baby. Nick thinks this is hilarious.

5. my favorite book is called "The River Why". it's about fly fishing. and philosophy. two things i know relatively little about. yet i love it. it resonates with me.

6. i am awesome at making playlists.
exhibit A: a little conglomeration i made for my guests at my wedding reception in Cali. it's songs about Cali, mixed with some of my and Nick's faves.


7. i don't think i have ever broken a bone. i hit my toe pretty hard once, and now it's sort of crooked. so i might've broken that. but still. no radiographical evidence.

8. when i was 9, my brother "accidentally" hit me in the middle of my forehead with a hatchet. the blunt end. thank.god. now i have a scar in the shape of the state of Florida in the middle of my forehead.

it's the teensy crease. by my vividly painted nail.
9. speaking of scars, i also bit off my tongue when i was 13 months old. this was in Brazil. there's a horrifying story that my mom tells really well about how there was no emergency room...the doctor took a long time to show time for screaming so she could hear me as she was walking around a city block in downtown Rio de with a large purple head (after all the screaming). i'll spare you the photos. but they thought i would never talk again.

maybe i can't talk.
none of you would know.

just kidding. i can talk.
a lot.

10. peonies are my favorite flower.

at a streetside flower stand in Lucca, Italy
waiting to be plucked up for my wedding bouquet

me and Meg, perusing the merchandise
plastic buckets of beauty
that's how i roll

trying to haggle in my broken Italiano

wrapping up my purchase
[above four photos courtesy of Jessica Lorren Photography]

11. gin and tonics are my go-to cocktail. Beefeater is my favorite. mostly because i like walking up to bars and saying "beefeater and tonic, please". try it. it's fun. (i also like champagne cocktails. of any kind.)

12. if i am totally honest with myself, i really DO want to have a baby. like, now. what's holding me back is the whole parenting thing. having a baby is way different than becoming a parent. totally not ready for that yet. the biological clock vs. the rationale. the debate continues.

13. i like to wake up slow in the morning. i don't require a snooze. but i do slowly transition from the the the kitchen (to make the coffee of course) the bathroom (to pee. and brush my teeth.). nick likes to wake up fast. like a shotgun going off. most days, i am indifferent to this. other days, it really annoys me. don't worry. he knows.

14. as if i haven't gone to school for long enough, i have always dreamed of going back to school, after i retire. i want to study philosophy. it fascinates me. 

15. my biggest regret in life is not studying abroad in London my junior year of college. at Cambridge. most of my friends went would've been the most amazing experience. probably would've changed my life. i didn't go because of money. since then, i've tried never to let a little money keep me from experiencing amazing things.

16. the best massage i've ever gotten was at Bliss Chicago. they live up to the name. however, Nick does give me massages--shoulders, hands, feet, etc--on a pretty regular basis. and his are a clooooose second.

17. my cat's full name is Bartonella henselae. i named her after the bacteria that causes Cat Scratch Fever. i still think this is hilarious.

18. i don't really like cake. 

19. i haven't had a period since May.2010. birth control is a beautiful and amazing thing. ask me how.

20. i am a total clean freak. my house is immaculate 95% of the time. i blame the type A personality. feel free to begin loathing me at any time. my husband feels your pain.

21. i have a pair of Frye Harness boots that i got for free in a trade. they're old and beat-up, and possibly men's boots. but they're my favorite. they look kinda like this.
from here
22. i am obsessed with Pure Beech Sateen sheets. it was sophomore year of college when i first purchased them, i will never go back. 
23. i am in a music club with my besties from college. we started it in July, at my wedding reception. every month, one of us is charged with the task of sending each of the others a cd of new music. could be a mix, could be a full album. doesn't matter. just has to be new. AND you have to give reasons for your picks. it has been the best idea we've ever had. keeps us in touch. and since we are located in LA, Chicago, Durham NC, and Baton Rouge...we get a pretty good mix of music that's emerging all over the country. seriously. best.idea.ever.
sisterhood of the
24. if i could pick an actress to play me in a movie, i'd have to go with Lauren Graham.
25. my first date was freshman year of college. (see? shelt.ered.) i really liked him. the date went great. then he didn't speak to me again till sophomore year. i found out senior year that he was scared of me. awesome.

26. the body part that i am most comfortable with is definitely my legs. love affairs with the other parts come and go. but i can always count on my legs to make me feel like i look good. 

27. i am a when it's super long, sometimes i get the short-hair-itch and chop it off. and inevitably, i am loooonging for the long hair again within a matter of weeks. i'm currently in a grow-it-back-out stage and find myself swearing that i will never chop it off again. talk to me again in 3-4 years. we'll see if my resolve stands.

28. i still have not managed to find my signature scent. any suggestions?

29. one of my absolute favorite things to do is get home from work...put on a little Stan Getz and Joao a bottle of red...and starting cooking. drinking wine+cooking+listening to music=heaven.

30. i am generally pretty lucky. for example: yesterday i decided (after the 3rd wear. ever.) that the Jimmy Choo's i splurged on for my wedding were just too small. (maybe my feet grew in the past year? weird.) so today i decided to go to Nordstrom's and try my luck with the ol' exchange. the peeps at the shoe counter were prettty skeptical, and didn't think they had any left. and they were definitely sporting 'tudes about me trying to return shoes i had worn. almost a year later. (my bad.)

but then. miracle of miracles. there was one pair left.
in my size.
on sale.

so i got a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo's that fit even better than my old ones, AND 250 bucks back. 

see? lucky.

Choo 1.0
the originals. courtesy of JLP
i hope you have enjoyed this loooong tour into my psyche and person. if you made it this far, you deserve a reward.


  1. actually loved this. you're hilarious and make it easy to keep reading :) and a couple other things...peonies=swoon. they were my wedding bouquet too, i'll always love them. gin&tonics=fave, although i'm partial to tanqueray. never tried ordering a beefeater though! hubs and I are the same way in the AM...kinda irritating sometimes. and i would like one of your play lists please!

  2. I'm a huge fan of this post; however, it does make me miss you all the more now!!!

  3. you can send me my award in the mail.

    I think you are my long lost.

    like..we should just give in and live next door to each other...fight the blogosphere and do it.

    I also dont like that you have another friend named meg...she should go...I dont have another friend named emily so it is only fair i think.

    ( i am kidding meg..i actually think there should be more of us in the world)

    gin and tonics. HOLLA. those are my go to as well...with lime squeezed in..

    we can drink those together at a table with peonies, with our long hair dangling over our shoulders, jimmy choos on our feet, and with scars on our head (mine is on the side...i got really excited about stuffed animal and tripped and fell while running to show it to my babysitter) totally normal.


    i often start off sentences with "my friend _____" and 90% of the time they are people I have never met...

    i need to get out more.

  4. ps i laughed REALLY hard at your cats name.

  5. that jimmy choo thing is crazy- and a hatchet?! its a wonder youre still with us em!

    and yes. the cat name. after cat scratch disease- hilarious.

  6. i made it to the end! happily i add.

    i had pure beech sheets too in college... but now we have these really expensive wedding gift sheets ... but i still like the pure beech. better.

    we both know i've got a peonies obsession too.

    a music club is perfect!

    i don't like cake much either. but i like to make them!


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