day three

posted on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

3. your views on drugs and alcohol

in brief: i'm cool with alcohol, but drugs are not cool.

and yes, i am aware that the above statement is childishly worded.
let me explain.
(even though i'm pretty much going to come to the same conclusions)

i enjoy a glass of wine after work, or a nice little happy hour cocktail.
and i have been known to take an Irish car bomb with the best of 'em.
and i should probably stop there, at the risk of incriminating myself.
professionalism is key, after all. (:

from a health perspective, i think most other fine, even healthy, in moderation.
(though admittedly, i have recently found a cardiologist who would argue otherwise.)
(i have employed selective listening when he speaks.)

drugs, however, have never been cool with me.
they're very addictive, for one.
i have seen first hand how they can destroy people's lives.
and the health benefits are pretty scarce
the medical marijuana advocates might argue against me...and if any of you are counted among them, i'm not trying to offend any of you.
and hey, to be honest, if you have cancer and chronic pain and you wanna toke up, be my guest dude.
cancer's a bitch, and if a little high takes the edge off for ya, smoke it if you got it.
**note: i have never been high. i just happen to listen to bob marley and sublime on occasion. i've got the lingo down.

plus, like most type-A control freaks, the whole loss-of-control thing associated with drugs just makes me uneasy. one could argue that alcohol also induces a similar sensation, but that feeling is one i've managed to tolerate a little better.

so there you have it.
that's where i stand, pretty much.
any questions?

changing gears, ever so slightly...
the hubs is out of town.
[sad face]
he left today to go snowboarding in Aspen with his besties.

just because he's gone doesn't mean i have to eat ramen noodles.
so here's what i had for dinner:
Quinoa, Garbanzo, and Spinach Salad

i had a lil beef with it too. (:
leftover from V-day dinner. marinated tri-tip. yum-town.
and a glass of cabernet.
my fave.
(the hubs prefers pinot noir--cabs are too "big" for him, delicate palate, you know--so i have to indulge when he's gone)

i couldn't let you all believe that i had gone vegan. that would be a poor representation of my person.
honesty first.


  1. im glad you added beef..because for a second there I thought we might not be able to be friends anymore.

    wth is Quinoa?

    im a type A control freak too...we would get along and our decisive, get the best table, at the best resturaunt, one two drink nights out.

    thats how i see it going down at least.

    or a pajama party. whatever.

  2. i want that salad!!

    hate drugs too. but don't mind a glass or two of red wine (:
    as is obvious from every photo i have basically. ha

    can't wait to see you in ONE month. minus one day. b/c we've got our very special dinner (:


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