day two

posted on: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2. Where you see yourself in 10 years...

one answer:
Santa Cruz, CA

circa spring break 2009
the town has a logo.
at the very least, their skateboards do

the plan is, as it stands currently, that Nick follows me around to wherever the Air Force deems fit--both for the next 3 years for residency, and for the 4 years of Active Duty Service Commitment that i owe them after that--and then we go where he wants: Santa Cruz.

SC is Nick's hometown. why he moved away to Chicago for med school, i'll never know.
but i'm sure glad he did. (:

and i'm sure glad he wants to go back there. this "deal" we have going isn't going to be super hard to keep up on my end.

also, some other details:
i think in 10 years, it might be time for some bambinos to have come along.
maybe we'll finally be homeowners?
i'd really love it if we had a boat too.
i'll be practicing emergency medicine somewhere...loving every second of my job...
and loving coming home and leaving it all behind...and being fully present at home with my family
and please God, if i could still be a size 2, that'd be great.



  1. love love love the central coast.

  2. oooh the board walk... never been to the west coast but is definitely in my list ;)


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