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posted on: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1. Your current relationship
photo courtesy of jessica lorren photography

well, i am currently married.
have been so for, ohhhhh, 8.7 months now.
(totally an estimate)
and i hope to be so for the rest of my life
(i take offense to those chicks who go into marriage with the outlook that their current fiance makes a good "first husband")

i'm optimistic. thus far.
but then again, i'm optimistic about most things in life.
i'm a sunny-side up, Pollyanna kinda girl.

but i digress.
my relationship:

nick is not the guy i thought i would end up with. or at least, so i thought when we first met...during orientation week of med school. (circa fall 2007)

**note: this isn't a "love story" post. i'll save that for another time and post.

but it wasn't long after we first started dating, that i knew.
ya know, that he was the "One".

first of all, one of the big hangups i had with marriage, and men in general, was my fear that I would be more committed to the marriage than my man was. i'm a pretty stick-to-it kinda girl. case in point: i started this med school dream/process 12 years ago. and i'm still chugging. and about to actually do it. i don't quit. i was afraid to get married, not because i was afraid it would be hard--i knew it would be--i was afraid that "he" (whoever he was) would quit. and then i'd be stuck there. alone. against my will.

two weeks after nick and i started dating, we had a fateful conversation about arranged marriage. i know. weird, right? what was weirder, is that we both concluded that it wasn't THAT strange or antiquated of an idea. i mean, you get married, and you stick to it. the love grows, and deepens, and you make it work.

this is one of the things i love about nick. he's committed. this is huge for me. i know he's not all talk and flowers and fairytales. there's substance to the man.

he took the time to dig deep and discover the softie that lies beneath my crass and sarcastic exterior. and he loves me. all of me.

he encourages me to be the best "me" i can develop as many skills and different aspects of my personality as i want to.

he is so diverse, too. we can engage about medicine--even though our interests in medicine are VERY different...i like emergency medicine (the faster the pace, the more blood, the better), he likes rehab medicine, especially spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries (a good day for him is when his paraplegic patient can suddenly wiggle his left big toe). but we can also talk about religion, politics, philosophy...BOOKS we like to read (even though he reads more books than i do. i have too many blogs to read. hee hee).

and if i didn't love him so much, i'd hate that he is so freaking athletic. he's literally good at every sport: snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, soccer, softball, golf, underwater basket weaving. and i, my friends, missed out on the athleticism gene. i look like a doofus when i try to play sports. hand-eye coordination is something i only possess when i'm suturing. i'm the twenty-something chick careening down the bunny hills out of control on a snowboard at breakneck speeds trying not to decapitate the five-year-olds.

so there's our relationship. sort of. hope that gives you some idea...
we're pretty happy.
not all day, every day.
but every day.
(thanks Charlotte York Goldenblatt. name that movie?)

and if you're still reading, here's some lil' snapshots from our weekend at the Drake Hotel...
as a reward.
for reading so much.

fluffy pillows + king-sized bed = heaven

my handsome hubby

sign of good times to come...

(he's reading a book about the Drake)

we ate there. (the cape cod room) and so did marilyn monroe. 

our view. helloooo lake michigan. and lakeshore drive, good to see you sans snowdrifts.

had a lil' fun with our chandelier-y thingy

when it's overexposed it looks like a sun!
silly kids. upside down.

a deliiiiish swan creme puff.

snow queen centerpiece

fishies. jess cornett, they're not whales, but they still make me think of you.

afternoon tea at the Palm Court.

as you can see, we ate it all. almost.

sommmmebody had a leetle fun with the camera.

so i decided to, too.

the French room. it's blue.

hubs thinks he's quite the sharp shooter these days. post photog class.

yup. that's me.

a picnic supper. on the bed.


  1. what if when we have a blate we are not as funny in person?

    the thought just gave me anxiety.

    but seriously I love the photos.
    and i also cant play A sport to save my life..the balls always hit me in the face.

    im going to leave it at that.

  2. great post em! although it made me suddenly sad that nick won't be in Florida. is it too late to convince to come with you instead of being with those reservation people?!? (that's probably not politically correct is it?)

  3. LOVE this post!! And your pictures are beautiful. You two sound perfect for one another!

  4. gorgeous photos gorgeous couple. love this.

  5. I loved every minute of this!!! I suck ass at sports too. You're not alone.

    And it sounds like you and your hubby are just perfect for each other. I loved what you said about not being happy all day every day, but being happy every day. Matthew and I are that way too. It totally works.

    Did you ever find out for sure if you're moving to SA? Cause we MIGHT be moving back there this summer. Long story, and I'm not thrilled about it, but it's a possibility. Just wondering!! :)


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