days seven and eight

posted on: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7. your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

well, friends. i am a capricorn.

and that is the full extent of my knowledge of astrology.
that, and occasionally reading my horoscope just to see how bogus it is.

i'm going to skip this one if it's okay with you.

because a) i just don't give two hoots about astrology and b) i took a second to look up what a capricorn is SUPPOSED to be like and i didn't like it. capricorns sound kind of like uber-structured, hoity-toity know-it-all bitches.

which is not me.
i hope.
please have the courage to break it to me if you think i am wrong.

okay maybe it is me. a little.

but Nick is also a capricorn, and HE isn't like that at all.

take that, astrologers.

moving on.

8. a moment you felt most satisfied with your life

how bout a few?

impromptu. on a hike. along the Deschutes. circa 2008.

same summer. Eureka, MT. Glen Lake in the background. looove those jeans. a lil too much.


and this one. as in, right now.
i'd say i'm pretty satisfied with life at the moment.

with the exception of being STARVING.
but no worries
it's Restaurant Week here in chicago.
and we are going to Epic

like, right now.

hasta la vista!


  1. Great pics Em, and I totally agree with you on the astrology BS... and apparently, according certain astrologers, I am now no longer a Saggitarius, but instead am now an Ophiuchus (somebody somewhere F'ed up big time) which is kind of crappy because I really liked Saggitariuses (Saggitarii?). Hmmph.

  2. ^ samsies with Jenni.

    capricorns and saggiatriuses are bff's.

    that may or may not be a lie.

    but im going to pretend it is true.

    if not, then us being bffs is in the bible.


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