happy loVe day!

posted on: Monday, February 14, 2011

today felt like a whirlwind.
i woke up feeling an absolute NEED to paint my nails
so i did.
before work.
and i was slightly late for work as a result.
totally worth it.
now they're red.

then i went to work, as usual.
and came home unusually early
which was good
because i--not unlike a little elf--was very busy

i made a few decorations so our little shoebox would look particularly lovey
i made shortbread and sliced strawberries
for strawberry shortcake

i made meat and potatoes
(because this is the way to a man's heart)
(also, conveniently, the way to my own heart)
(two-for-one. super)

i lit candles.
opened wine.
wore a festive apron.

and i don't have pictures of any of it.


i do, however, have pictures from this weekend
where the hubs and i spent a delightful couple of days luxurizing at the Drake Hotel
but i will not be sharing them tonight
more on this later

i will, however, be doing this

i don't know if you've been following this blog for very long
but if you have, you probably are thinking:
"great. another countdown-type thingy.
she's never gonna get through this."

and i would have to agree with you.

but in 31 days, we find out if my hubs will be spending the next four years 
in san antonio with me? (yes plz)
or in california (good? no. i'm stuck in san antonio. check out a map. this is bad.)
or in houston (might as well be california.)

and it will be st. patty's day.
(side note: right at this moment, facebook, via my iPhone alerted me to the fact that one of my friends "checked in" at taco bell. color me disgusted. plus i just watched "the social network" and now thoroughly feel as though facebook has rapidly infiltrated and taken over my life.)
(that's all)

i can't decide which thing is better to countdown to.



  1. this was the best lbog post for multiple reasons..

    1. you talk about me. this is the main reason it is.the.best.post.ever. duh.

    2. meat and potatos is also the way to our heart (our as in my husband and I, not you and me, although that is true too)

    3. can the doctor people seriously seperate you and your hubby like that???? is that even legal? ethical?

    4. taco bell is the SHIZ. don't knock it until you eat enough to make you puke (or puke from the taco bell itself), and then go back the next day for more.

    5. I like that you sported an apron. I often sport aprons because they remind me of a simpler time..when i lived in the 50s and didnt have to work, washed dished by hand....actually..that is my life now. nevermind.

    can you BOTH end up in cali because that would be fantastic seeing as how we were destined to be friends and all.

  2. I think this is a great idea! I'm new around here so it'll be nice to get to know the person behind the funny/interesting blog posts.

  3. Em, you SERIOUSLY make me laugh. i love that you write things in 1 line, stream-of-consciousness style, and also narrate your inner monologue in parenthetical statements. hilarious!

    i've seen a few of these countdown type things lately, and i'm thinking about jumping on board. however, i'm also doing project 365 and i'm already finding that a bit of a commitment. so i should probably quit while i'm ahead. but i am looking forward to yours!!


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