snowpocalypse 2011

posted on: Thursday, February 3, 2011

yesterday, it snowed a little in Chicago.
don't know if you heard.
that, my friends, is lakeshore drive. 
i live right off of lakeshore drive. in the summer, i walk right across it to get to the beach.
and that is what it looks like now...
also {via}
a little photo of one of our most famous landmarks, courtesy of the AP.

tuesday night, the storm was ridiculous. 
it literally thundersnowed. 
until yesterday, i had no idea what that meant, but basically it's just like it sounds:
a thunderstorm, with snow.
there was lightning, and thunder, and that eerie light that the sky gets during weird storms.
cool, and crazy, all at once.

there was a brief lull in the storm in the morning yesterday, so nick and i decided it would be a good idea to do some trekking. at then end of this lil string of photos, you'll see evidence that perhaps it was not. 
here's some of my shots:
our front door. not sure why it's so blurry. maybe my hands were frostbitten.

our street.

cleveland ave. right across the street from us.

fullerton pkwy, at 9am on a tuesday.

nick. on fullerton pkwy. at 9am on a tuesday.

pooooooor animals.

[chicago] (why is that car facing backwards?)

that, my friends, is lake michigan.

it is hard to keep one's eyes open when icy winds are blowing into them. {hat: j.crew; jacket: juicy couture} i try to stay fashionable, even when i'm freezing.

standing riiiight in the middle of lakeshore drive
poor stranded cars.

looks like somebody made good use of their stranded ordeal (:

more of the same.

looking so steely he is. with the snow in his eyes.

my exit!
 on the way back home, it started blizzarding again.
we trekked back with the snow in our faces.
here is the end result.
it ain't pretty, friends.
note the snow in the beard.

note to self: mascara + blizzards=bad combo.
so there you have it.
we survived our first blizzard.
not just survived.

we watched The Pianist
(which was wayyy more depressing than i remembered)
played a little WWF
(words with friends, for those not in the know)
and did a lot of snuggling.
all in all,
not a bad day.


  1. holy snow batman.

    that is out.of.control.

  2. I got snowed in here in Michigan and i thought it was bad until I saw your pictures... amazing shots darling!


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