we D.O. it better

posted on: Tuesday, February 8, 2011

well friends
i'm sick.
thankfully not the puking, flu-type sick
just a wicked head-weighs-200-pounds kind of cold, sick.

i blame my weekend.
i had way too much fun.
i went to D.C. to visit my friend Melissa 
(we call her Quick...cuz that's her last name)
with my friend Jen
(we call her Jen)
both ladies are recently engaged and we decided some wedding dress shopping was in order
and some dancing
and maybe also some mid-day champagne-drinking
no big deal

i took my camera
and horrible photographer, lacking in dedication, that i am
didn't take a single picture

all i have to show for my weekend in DC are these two photos. 
taken by an iPhone
and not even mine

friends don't let friends drink coffee alone

me with wine-colored lips and a freshly darkened 'do. and jen and quick. (:
i live with a doctor.
and not just any doctor
a D.O.

i don't know if you know what an osteopath is 
and i'll tell you much more fully at a later date
when i'm not almost late for work
(side note: hospitals are terrible places to get better. 
both when you work there AND when you're a patient there.
the patients don't get better because no one lets them SLEEP
forever poking and prodding at all hours of the day and night.
and the employees don't get better
because of the patients.)

suffice it to say, for now
that an osteopath is like an M.D. *plus*
we can go into any medical specialty we like
and we also have this additional arsenal of tools we can use to help people heal
many of which are currently coming into play 
for me
right now.

tools like, massage of trigger points
realignment of misaligned vertebrae
stimulation of lymphatic pathways to facilitate their drainage

i just realized i don't have time to go into all this at the moment

more about osteopathic medicine later
for now, 
i'll just be putting it into practice
on myself.

any questions?
fire away....


  1. Hope you feel better soon! It stinks being sick...
    Hope you have a good day in spite of the sickiness!! :)

  2. do you and your husband "play" doctor?

    i'm so original..

    and hilarious.


    name dropped on YOUR blog.


  3. You crack me up Emily. But I think I say that in just about every comment I leave. Your freshly darkened do looks fabulous!! ;) Hope you're better by now, and I hope you and the hubby have a fab V day!

  4. BY THE WAY. I just got all caught up on, like, 7 of your last blog posts, and I enjoyed every one of them! I have no idea how I've missed so many!! Ugghhh!!

    Anyway, I just wanted credit for that. Okthanksbuhbye.


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