the day before the last day

posted on: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

even though i'm technically including 3 "countdown items" in this post
and even though it's after midnight here in EST
today is still the day before the last day
the day we've been waiting for
(we, as in me and Nick. and a whole host of Irish people.)

TOMORROW we find out where Nick does his residency.
hopefully, it will be in the same STATE as me.
you can imagine my excitement.

YESTERDAY was lovely as well.
i placed two thoracostomy tubes in the O.R.
and an IVC filter.
all by my lonesome.
then i got off work early and got to tag along on this engagement shoot
(not only am i a fledgling physician, i am also a photography assistant)
where i also got to play with my camera a little too

TODAY--though wrought with anticipation--was still pretty awesome.
i ran a trauma by my lonesome
(this is the second time in my life--and in the past 2 days--that i have done this.)
AND i placed a thoracostomy tube in the trauma room
(look it up. i'll spare you the youtube videos. you all and your weak stomachs.)
AND my patient got the final skin graft to her wound. the last of, oh...30 surgeries?

to top it all off, i'm about to be done with this doggone countdown.
truth be told, i'm a little over it.
i'm ready to know if i get to live with my hubs for the next four years
and i'm ready to get back to blogging random shit again.

day 27: a problem you have had.

this is where you get the benefit (curse?) of reading a med student's blog.
i'm going to tell you about chest tubes (thoracostomy tubes).
and why someone would need them.

#1 because they have a problem: blood, or fluid, or air that is stuck in the space between the lining of their lung and the lining of their chest wall. this makes it hard--even impossible in some cases--for their lung to inflate. so they can't breathe. this is bad.

#2 so to solve the problem, you cut a hole in their skin right above their 5th rib, then you use surgical instruments to basically poke a hole in their chest wall. then you stick a tube in their chest. and attach that tube to suction.

#3 the suction and the tube then solve your problem by sucking out whatever was preventing the lung from inflating. then the patient can breath again. and their oxygen saturation goes from 80% (bad) to 100% (good). and you have one happy and relieved med student. high-fiving all the surgeons and anesthesiologists and radiology techs and nurses in the room. with bloody gloves.

(okay. that last part may or may not be true. the part about the bloody gloves. not the high-fiving. that most definitely actually happened.)

day 28: something that you miss.

oh this one is EASY.
jessica lorren photography

jessica lorren photography

jessica lorren photography

emily fleming photography (that's just me. duh. i have no photog bizznass.)
so i'm not sure if you have ANY idea how much missing is going on here.
i occasionally have panic attacks these days thinking about the possibility that we could have to do this for FOUR YEARS.
God better hear my prayers tomorrow. that's all i'm saying.
who could NOT miss that face?
no one.
especially not me.

day 29: goals for the next 30 days

a. finish med school (except for graduation)
b. pack up the shoebox
c. move (!) (maybe.)
d. practice with the camera. so i can take bomb-ass picturas of Turkey. and Greece.
e. snuggle. and do er...other fun things with the hubs. as much as possible.
f. sit in the warm sun
g. write some handwritten notes
h. cook something delicious
i. love my husband. in all senses of the verb. in the way HE needs to be loved.
j. keep the tan i've managed to develop
k. get exercise. most days of the week.
l. eat more things that look like this...

goat cheese, roasted peppers, pesto, and pumpernickel.
and that, my friends, brings us to the end of the day before the last day.
see you tomorrow!
fingers crossed!
i'll keep you posted!
with plenty of exclamation points!



  1. Just found your blog and love! My bro in law just found out he is in Seattle for residency! Good luck! You both seem like such smarties :)


  2. don't worry, I miss my husband too! a lot of missing going on in this house! :)

  3. i am sitting a pub on st patty days in england..

    everyone is dressed up like a lephrecaun.

    i feel like i would be having a lot more fun if you were here..instead of these people.

    On another note.

    i will never get sick of your doctor stories. ever. i am your faithful medical obsessed reader.

    also. i dont even know what that last pic looks..interestingly good.

  4. Wow, congrats on the chest tube success!! That's SO impressive. Hoping you hear good news about the hubs getting to do residency near you. Your pictures look amazing! Can't wait to see the pics when you get back from Turkey and Greece.
    Happy weekend love! :)


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