A dinner party, a brunch, and a blate

posted on: Sunday, March 20, 2011

this weekend is one that i've been looking forward to for a loooong time.
almost as much as i'm looking forward to NEXT weekend
(which, if you've been paying attention, is when me and my hubs are FINALLY reunited)

but i digress...

for those of you who are unfamiliar, a blate is a blog-date.
a date between fellow bloggers.
and this weekend, i had one.
with this lovely lady...
ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Sarah Tucker.
just in case you've been living under a rock
(or maybe you're new to the blogosphere?)
here's her blog.

Sarah and I, however, aren't quite complete strangers who just met on the internet.
she had been "referred" to me, by our mutual wedding photographer (and friend. let's be honest.)
who looks like this
like, literally. looks like this. behind a camera. (:
the lovely and talented Jessica Lorren

she shot both of our weddings and basically said to me
"you two have GOT to meet"

so i obviously stalked sarah's blog
for like, a year.
and drooled over her style, her travels, and her southern charm.
and finally, this weekend, we met.

and honestly it was kinda anti-climactic.


it was all i had hoped it could be, and more.
i felt like i was in a dream.

first, we had a dinner party.
design sponge, eat your heart out.

mildly out of focus, but we all look happy.

pretty pretty centerpiece
another of Jess's brides, the beautiful and bubbly Kate, was kind enough to be our hostess.
and did she ever have the mostest.

i snuck a few stalker shots of her gorgeous house.
these pillows make me happy.

just perfection. that's all.
we had a four-course meal, with beverage pairings for each course.
color me a happy happy girl.
champagne. and lipstick marks. classy.

the cheese platter. before...

...and after. (note: radishes plus sea salt. try it. i never had. and now i did. and life is better.)

the Cucumber Fool. and you're a fool if you don't like it.

heirloom tomato salad with burrata

Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova. also known as heaven on a plate.
me. happy. and blurry. because your eyes are watering from happiness. for me.
annnnd the SuperMoon. we watched it rise. with champagne. best.idea.ever.
then we went to our respective homes and slept for a few hours.
and met back up for this...

a brunch. for brides.

you probably can't tell, but some of these sandwiches are whale-shaped.

self portraits with a 50mm lens are not very forgiving. but i'm still okay with it.

photog and subject. in the photobooth.

snappy sarah.

kate, jess, sarah. the dinner party reunited.

what a cute lil' nerd

wish that van wasn't in the background.

it was a reeeeally good story. they were enraptured.

my favorite. like, of all time. isn't she gorgeous?
Jess, the enigmatic photographer, threw us brides a brunch.
a party. for us. from her.
it was so sweet.

we got favors too, but i forgot until just this minute to take pictures of them.
so they will have to wait for another post.

but anyway.
my personal position on blates, henceforth, will always be...

yes please.


  1. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I am suuuper jealous. HOW FUN!!! You girls are some of my favorites, and I so wish I was there!!! And wait a second, those first pics were in SOMEONE'S HOUSE?! I so want to live there.

    Seriously though, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous ladies. Perfection, all around. So glad the blate went swimmingly! :D

  2. blate is officially viral.

    thank you me.

    also. i almost boycotted this post because the jealousy is increasing. but then i thought, no, no megan, you are going to be happy for your twitter bffs because one day you will go on blates with them and no one wants to go on the blate with the girl who has jealousy issues.

    so this is me overcoming my jealousy.



  3. I'm in love with you and this whole entire weekend!

    These photos are amazing ... you are airforce barbie, doctor barbie AND photography barbie. I'm seriously underachieving.

    i need botox.
    could you prescribe me some in four short weeks? kidding, kinnnna.

  4. How very fun! You girls are all adorable! Jealous (: And I love that Megan's term is catching on!!

  5. ummmmmmm. not okay. i am so jealous.

    and hello, please tell me your friend that threw the dinner party has a blog? can i stalk it? she has the CUTEST house i have ever seen. holy moly.

    and i love you all. you both look so purty!

  6. a blate, i love it! the term has seriously has gone viral meg! this post is just filled with gorgeousness. the photos, that house, the food, all of you ladies! i'm jealous :)

  7. This looks like so much fun, I'm super jealous I didn't get to join in on this blate!! And totally know what you mean about the 50mm self portrait, ha! Kinda drives me crazy sometimes :)

  8. best.weekend.ever.

    my little house has never looked so good! this should be 100% attributed to the fact that you three lovelys were in it :)

    ps the slightly blurry photos are all my fault - i had no idea what i was doing with your big fancy camera...

  9. it looks like the most marvelous time! and that first restaurant is to die for... so perfect!

  10. You all are so gorgeous- gah. I love these pictures and the details of dinner & brunch- happy blating!

  11. you guys all suck. i will get REMARRIED (to steve again) and hire jessica as my photog just to be at this event. gosh. that's sad. but true.

  12. Looks so fun! I love all the photos.

  13. ha! love your blog! i found it through sarahs!

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    i know a thing or two about central lines haha
    so interesting to read a med students blog!
    big fan now! i'm following :)
    talk soon wild child

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  14. Those parties looked magical! I love your style! Thanks for inspiring me!
    Best regards,

  15. That dinner par-tay looks uhhhmazing! Lovely to see you this weekend miss :)

  16. Looks like fun! That flower centerpiece is gorgeous!

  17. can we re-live this sometime in the next year?


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