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posted on: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i just finished eating a delicious dinner
that i cooked
(turns out, not cooking for a month makes me REALLY excited to do it)

recipe courtesy of Cooking Light. CL subscription courtesy of mom. (thanks, mom!)
then i ate some ben and jerry's.
and i tweeted about it.
(you can probably see it over there -->)

now that i'm back in Chicago, i have become painfully/thrillingly aware of just how
LITTLE time we have left here!
4 weeks. to be precise.
(actually it's probably not precise. moving details are still getting ironed out.)
speaking of moving details, Air Force perk: they move you.
(more details later when they all get ironed out. like i said...it's a work in progress.)

even though there's a lot i'm going to miss about Chicago,
here's a few thing I'm looking forward to in San Antonio...

-having a dishwasher...garbage disposal...washer/dryer...central air...
(the shoebox--for all its charm--has none of these delightful amenities. can.not.wait.)
-this floorplan (hehee...i get GIDDY for floorplans. inside every almost-doctor, there lies a nerd.)
our new apartment!
-all the mexican food i can eat
-being a doctor. like, for real.
(just a lil' 11 year dream finally coming true. a fairy tale, if you will.)
-having a job: here.
-gorgeous, warm weather
-moving into me and the hubs' FIRST together-home.
(after we got married, he moved in with ME.)

i'm sure i'll think of more soon.
these are the ones topping the list at the moment.

and finally, top moment of the day:
sending a package to my brother in Afghanistan...
addressing it to: 1LT Joe Kreidel
from: Capt. Emily Fleming.
my baby bro. (this is the only pic i have of him as of late)

proof of my promotion.

big sister regains her rightful place as boss.
like, he literally has to salute me.
i am LOVING this.

yes, i am aware that i am 5 years old.


  1. Can I just say that I LOVE your blog! I'm new to the scene but you are one funny girl. Texas sounds like a fun adventure!

  2. the new apartment seems fabulous! i'm kinda sad you are leaving Chicago because now we won't get to have a blogger's date so you can tell me all about what I get to look forward as a doctor one day ;). Good look with everything doll!

  3. love your sweet blog and your fab header!

  4. That apartment sounds sweet! Two balconies!!!! I act the same way with my brother...like I'm 5 :)

  5. he has to salute you???! do I have to salute you?? if not can i do it anyway?

    I kinda want to make my lil bro have to salute me..

    im going to start working on ways to make this happen.

    I thought of another reason to add to your list.

    because you are much more likely to have a Blate with me living in SA instead of Chicago.

    that should be reason number one actually.


  6. Captain Emily, you are so cute. Floor Plans get me SO excited as well. Ahhh fresh starts are so much fun. I had a moving company move me too. it is the BEST way to go :)

  7. Congrats on the promotion, I am sure thats fun to out rank your brother. You're going to have a BLAST in Texas! Can wait for you to share your new chapter :)

  8. I love the big sister, little brother attitude!! Sometimes my only motivation to accomplish something is that my little sister is already doing it, ie. drivers license... haha

  9. Congrats on the promotion, Captain!! That's awesome! And YAY for San Antonio. I heart my home town :) Good luck with all the moving details!

    Hope your day is going well.

  10. Congrats on the promotion! That's so funny that he has to salute you...love that! Hooray for San Antonio! That's not too far from me! I think you'll love Texas!

  11. I love that he has to salute you! Priceless moment. Let's hope he doesn't cross you to force you to make him stand at attention while you correct his behavior. ;) --not that he would ever.

    Enjoy the reveling.


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