occupational hazard

posted on: Friday, March 25, 2011

as i'm sure you've all figured out, the sporadic-ness of my blogging is, indeed,
an occupational hazard.

i just can't muster the chops to blog on a daily basis sometimes.
this was one of those months.
and now it's over.
but i have to drive from Florida back to Chicago.
in a weekend.

i was on call last night at the hospital
we got 5 traumas during my shift
(which=minimal sleep)
i put in another chest tube and did some other procedures
(which thrilled me, but might put all of you to sleep...so i'll stop there)...

and then i had to start driving

i made it to Jacksonville, where my 'rents reside
and thank God too.
because i am exhausted...

BUT i am so thrilled to have some new readers!
your comments make me smile
and feel like i'm not just here taking out my emotions on this poor helpless MacBook keyboard.
so welcome!
and keep them coming.
i promise to have a veg-out session when i return to Chicago
to sit down and catch-up-on/visit ALL of your blogs.
i'm dying to
(and let's be honest...it's 30 degrees in Chicago. there's nothing better to do than hole up in a coffee shop with all you fine people to keep me company. except maybe see my husband. FINALLY. after 4 weeks. but he'll be around for ages. (: )

there has been a playlist brewing in my mind for quite sometime...
entitled the "Occupational Hazard" mix.
i'll be honest...i think it's hilarious.
(this isn't going to be one of those times when i pretend to be surprised that you think i'm funny. i'm just laying it right out there. i'm trying to be funny.)
these are just some songs that always make me think of work...

1. I Need a Doctor- i think it's pretty obvious why i picked this one. we actually played it in the trauma room the other day. during a trauma. not sure the patient was amused. but we were.

2. On Call- welcome to my life. on call. to be there.

3. Hospital Beds- good ol' Cold War Kids. just telling it like it is. (side note: hosp. beds are super uncomfortable. i'm sorry if any of you have experienced this. i'm sorry in advance if you haven't.)

4. Bleeding Love- "you cut me open and i keep bleeding, i keep keep bleeding"...okay, Leona says "love" here, but for most trauma patients, it's just blood. lots of it. sometimes on my shoes. this song just cracks me up now.

5. You Can't Always Get What You Want- what you want, Mr. Drug Addict, is more oxycontin. but you can't have it. even if you tell me you're allergic to every pain medicine BUT oxycontin. you and i both know that's bullshit. but sometimes, you get what you need. which is a shot of Toradol (a non-narcotic pain medication. works really well without the high). in the bum.

6. What Sarah Said- fairly accurate layman's description of an ICU. and though it's a pretty heavy lyric, i believe it: "love is watching someone die". and letting them go peacefully when it's their time...without unnecessary measures to prolong their suffering. end of soapbox. just enjoy the song.

7. Fix You- not only is this one of my all-time favorite songs, it basically sums up my job description: "i will try...to fix you"

8. The Funeral-...and if I can't... (fix you, that is)

enjoy my slightly twisted sense of humor. again. occupational hazard.


  1. warning: I have had cider. ok. it wasnt cider. it was other things. but i am about to word vomit all over your blog.

    a. collin went to HS with cold war kids. it is his claim to fame. and he will tell you that. a million and one times.

    b. you are officially my personal on call doctor. that is, if something happens, i am calling you to help me..be it phsyical or psychological. it will probably be psychological. i should probably skip the rest of this rant and call you now.

    c. i danced really hard tonight at a british club. i havnt been in a club since i was like..oh 21. maybe. and havnt been in a british club in forever. i think if you worked in england every single person in that club would end up on your trauma table. just sayin.

    d. i on the other hand am VERY responsible.

    e. i like our friendship.

  2. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
    i can't tell you how much i am enjoying reading a blog from a doctors perspective! i've read a TON of CF'ers blog. I just started watching nurse jackie so ti's kind of neat to peak inside a nurses world as well (a fictional one never the less). you can check out my Cystic fibrosis blog if you like. some health care workers have found it interesting through the eyes of a patient. you can go back to last year, when breathing was NOT cool. Hattie's journey to getting new lungs

    talk soon wild child

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  3. Hilarious.

    Fix You is on my Saturday Tunes post for tomorrow love that song.

  4. Oh my gosh, I bet you are dead tired!! I think a chest tube is exciting, but I'm an ER nerd, so maybe that's just me. Haha. : ) Have you heard the Rhianna song called Emergency Room? It's quite hilarious. You must listen to it!!

  5. Love is definitely saying goodbye at a certain point. My husband and I had many arguments about that lately... (thankfully it was only about a dog, it could be worse, but he'd often ask "well I'll keep that in mind if you end up in the hospital" in a mean way. I told him please do!) (As a second note, it really sucks that the playlist stops when you post a comment.)

  6. Ha! this is def a playlist to add to and keep around...enjoy the drive!

  7. I've always loved that line in what sarah says. when i said that to a friend, they called me morbid. it's not - it's just true.

    love this list. keep em coming emmie

    yep, just dropped emmie on you.

  8. I love your playlist. I have kind of a dark sense of humor, too, and I totally appreciate this. There's a couple songs on there I haven't heard and I have to download them now!

  9. I actually found you on twitter... which was random... and has turned out to be amazing.

    You are quite funny... and I appreciate that you acknowledge that's the goal haha

    my funny is more a lack of intelligent things to say kind of funny... but it makes people giggle none the less.

    Newest follower. HIIIIII!!!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Haha, this was great! Have you seen No Strings Attached? This reminds me of the mix Ashton makes for Natalie. That scene was the best part of the entire movie.

    Also! I couldn't help but think of other hospital songs. Not that this needs any editing, but these just came to me.
    1. Emery - "Smokers Outside the Hospital Door"
    2. Lydia - "Hospital"
    3. Copeland - "Testing the Strong Ones"... but really, any song from Beneath the Medicine Tree. Let's be honest.

    keep the playlists comin. love them!!


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