posted on: Thursday, March 31, 2011

taking a page out of Bridget's book
this was me. yesterday.
(couldn't pull it together well enough to post yesterday. because i was cooking.)

heirloom tomato salad with burrata, balsamic, and basil

money shot of the burrata
i only cook things that have names with nice alliteration
(not true.)
you may recognize this salad from this post.
because i definitely swiped the recipe/idea from Kate.
it's okay though. she likes it.
be prepared. i feel the Pavlova may be making an appearance on the blog in the near future.

monogram everything.
 we also had goat cheese and crackers.
because enjoying a pint in the late afternoon makes you very hungry.
so hungry that you need to eat something IMMEDIATELY
and can't even wait 10 minutes for the pizza to cook.

homemade pizza. store-bought crust.
this pizza was divine: pep's, onions, mushrooms, and fresh basil.
all topped with mozzarella, provolone, romano, and parmesan cheeses.
clearly i am not vegan by any stretch of the imagination.

other randoms:
-finally sent off the ol' marriage certificate to get translated from Italian-->English today. i know a guy. he's probably in the mob or something, but he can translate the hell out of a document.
-i can't decide what to wear to my graduation. any ideas?
-my current rotation has a highly grueling schedule. i work from 9-11am daily.
-i probably won't see/touch another patient until August. and i'm okay with this.
-i have decided that "Cajun Shrimp" by OPI is my favorite, go-to nail color. blam.
-today is Opening Day of baseball season. i could not be more indifferent.
-i learned today, that the way to combat a toxic alcohol poisoning (like, if someone you know chugs antifreeze or windshield wiper fluid or something equally toxic....not like, if you went on a tequila bender) is to give the person shots of alcohol...the higher proof the better. eg, you would need one shot of Bacardi 151, but five shots of vodka to combat the toxic effects. 
(there's a lot of science behind why this works, but trust me...it works.)
-i need recipes using fresh dill. since i have a ton of it leftover and want to USE it before it wilts away. reader participation is a must...any suggestions?

that's all for today. i promise i'll try to do something more interesting with all my free time. 
so far, the couch has been looking pretttty inviting...

p.s. i bolded the parts where i wanted your participation. so you can't miss it. i wasn't kidding.


  1. The rose belt - Anthro? I have it in yellow, it's fabulous. I'm glad to see it out there on someone else! As for the dill - pretty much any salmon recipe is amazing with fresh dill!

  2. I am definitely in desperate need of some dinner because I am drooling right now... oh my!

    "I couldn't be more indifferent" hahaha I love baseball, but that made me giggle so thank you!


  3. lots of dill = make some delicious dip.

    give me your camera.

    and i still am skeptical and frankly, scared to every try that alcohol "trick". but then, i am not a highly skilled doctor.

  4. dear capt doc em mary,

    i did not have toxic alcohol poisoning but i did try and combat it with your tips.

    I dont do dill.

    I am happy you pulled a bridget, because now i can see your face outside of skype and fb.

    I almost peed my pants tonight. in a real way. areason #566505 why i need a car and walking is from the devil.


  5. i'm ready for you to come to seattle and be my personal cook.
    my friend's name who went to the academy is christin schulte...from huntington beach.

  6. you can roast potatoes and throw the dill on there for season. Sweeeeet pots or reg. You can probably roast other stuff too.

  7. Ummm, those food shots are almost sinful. Sooo good!
    I'll try and particpate:
    1. What to wear: something fabulous. Helpful, I know. I'll have to ponder!
    2. Cooking with dill: I make a pasta salad with it? That's about all I've got.

  8. I have no recipes for dill. Sorry. Fail.

    I love that first picture of you...fabulous!

  9. mmmmmm i want that pizza.

    and nice job pullin a me.

    and dill. mmmm... i'm probs gonna go with eday and say make some dip! then send it to me.


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