posted on: Thursday, March 17, 2011

day 30: your highs and lows of this month.

well. today is definitely climbing the charts.


this means we actually get to be roomies for the next four years
just as marriage was meant to be.


i cannot TELL you what a relief this is.
it was such a huge gamble for me matching in San Antonio in December
without knowing if Nick could come with me.
we talked and prayed a lot about it before we took that leap,
confident that it was what we were supposed to do.
but still. waiting for the payoff for the past three months has been killer.

so now get ready for many many more posts to come on...
-our new apartment
-moving plans
-San Antonio
-my obsessive love for Mexican food
-graduating from medical school
-and anything else i damn well please

other highs:

running that trauma last night.
placing a chest tube in the trauma resuscitation room.
seeing friends from college and other walks of life.
being in FLORIDA
sunshine on my tummy
a great shopping bargain
the deal i got on those jimmy choos

some lows:

missing my hubs
being exhausted
driving to Florida from Chicago by myself
(i feel sorry for the drivers passing me by. i was definitely having solo crazy dance parties in the driver's seat to keep myself alert.)
rainy days in Florida when i have a day off
missing my hubs
fighting with my hubs over the phone, then not getting to make up in person
missing my hubs

there haven't been too many lows this month.
and they do seem to have one, unifying theme.

yay for countdowns being over and ending with such a fantabulous conclusion!


  1. could not be more happy for you two. i was nervous with anticipation. for you. clearly my own life is not entertaining enough.

    im super pumped you'll be in TX..not as pumped as i would be if you were to be in CA..BUT...we do visit texas at least once a year..soo...we can have dance parties in the car together next time.

    i am ALL about dance parties.

    except they usually involve only me.

  2. Very happy for you and yours. I'm a recent follower and so enjoy your blog.

    ps your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  3. what a wonderful conclusion! i'm so glad prayers were answered em

  4. yay for the huz in san antonio!!

    annnnd add... meeting me in two days to that list emD (:

  5. Well, I'm about to make your day. Cause Matthew didn't get into the Dallas school. So now we have to choose between San Antonio and New York.

    We are one step closer to being BFFs. Heh heh. ;)

    No but seriously, I'm really happy for you two. That is SO awesome!!

  6. You forgot to mention super secret care packages from the hubs!

  7. awww, SO happy for you and the hubs! that is awesome news!! i can't imagine the anticipation and anxiety of something so huge! it was meant to be!

  8. HI!! I just found your blog and I love it! I'm originally from Austin but am now living north of Boston so I love checking in on folks kicking it in Texas! I'm excited to follow and read about your journey, esp now that the hubs will be coming along!

  9. I'm so happy for y'all!! That is such exciting news :) :)
    I'm originally from San Antonio, so when I come back to visit my parents from Houston, I would love to meet you! Y'all are gonna love San Antonio. The food and restaurants are delicious :)
    Happy weekend!

  10. How exciting for y'all! Plus, I'm super stoked to finally read a blog that takes place in San Antonio. Gotta have some love for my home town and its amazing Mexican food!


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