carry on

posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still feeling pretty gloomy.
chicago's weather ain't helping

this song did though

it's one of those dumb youtube videos of a song with a picture and there's not really a video to watch. but you can listen.
(which, honestly, it's probably better this way. have you SEEN the dude from this band? in one video he was wearing a dress. homeboy's off his rocker. not that you have to be off your rocker to be a dude wearing a dress. not trying to offend any lgbt'ers out there. just using it as an example. i'm gonna quit now.)

maybe this makes you feel restored.
i did. a little.
maybe tomorrow will be happier?
maybe sushi tonight will fix it all?
stay tuned.


  1. Chear up, Sushi makes everything better!!
    I had one of those days too... I can relate...
    Have a happy easter weekend!

  2. Sushi can fix everything so you are well on your way to feeling better! Hope you have a cheerier tomorrow!

  3. New follower here! Love your blog! :) Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. sushi usually fixes everything. too bad they dont have that here in england. which would explain a lot...


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