a Chicago Saturday (on Sunday)

posted on: Sunday, April 3, 2011

it dawned on Nick and I this week that we only have
TWO weekends left to spend together here in Chicago.
this one, and the next one.
(the third weekend, Nick has a conference in Arizona...
...the fourth weekend, we're moving!)

so Friday night, we tried out the new French restaurant in our 'hood
we had duck, rabbit, venison...and some delicious cocktails.

then we walked down the street to the Greenhouse Theater
and saw a very moving performance of "Agnes of God"
maybe you were around in 1985 and saw the movie version with Jane Fonda?
me neither. (i mean, i was around...i just missed the movie.)
my point is, it was good.
we got our weekend's dose of culture..and talked about it all the way home.

Saturday morning, we woke up and walked down the street
to the Bourgeois Pig Cafe
where we drank coffee and read books and listened to music
and dreamed about tea
then we decided that we should FINALLY go down to Chinatown
(not a joke. we really did.)
we can take the eL there from our neighborhood
and have been talking about going for MONTHS.
this was our last shot.

so to Chinatown we went...for some dim sum.
Chicago's Chinatown...from the Red Line eL stop.

tea. with lipstick.

pretty pretty

some kind of dumpling. don't ask me what. it was delish.

cuttlefish. in curry sauce.
confession: i only tried the cuttlefish because i was having a Top Chef moment. on last season's finale, when they were in Singapore, they cooked cuttlefish. i was curious.

in case you're not quite as brave/stupid as me, lemme save you the effort....they taste like weird, mini calamari. super chewy. jury's still out on how i feel about them.
he loves this beanie. i'm still on the fence. but i'll take him. with or without it. (:

lucky dragons on the lightpost

this one is for my baby bro. he loves crabs.
 [get your mind out of the gutter. he really does.]
fishies. you can imagine how this market smelled.

he is pissed. the candies he bought were in a wrapper that proved IMPOSSIBLE to remove.
once again, we managed to make it through an entire day without a single picture of moi.
i tried to nab some that my lovely photog bestie took of me off Facebook
but now it seems fb has made that impossible.
so you'll just have to wait to see what i look like this week...

and since this is what our new apartment looks like with someone ELSE'S stuff in it,
we figured we should look for some stuff of our own

ain't it purty?? we can.not.wait.
it's true, ladies.
i actually got my husband to walk around the furniture department of Macy's
without ANY coercion.
or promise of sexual favors.

we finished up the day by watching some March Madness with some beers
then we tried out another new restaurant
GT Fish & Oyster
it has been open THREE days. we felt a little like rockstars.
we ate our fill of oysters and mussels
perfectly accompanied by a bottle of wine
with cocktails for dessert

then we promptly got into a monstrous fight on the way home.
like, full on bawling and hysterics (me), yelling (him and me), throwing things (me. it was one shoe.).
it was epic.

well folks, that's how it goes.
marriage can really blow sometimes.

and if it sounds like we boozed our way through the day,
that's because...
we did.

(i'm sure this had nothing to do with the fight)

how was YOUR weekend, loves?


  1. First of all, I'm in love with your new apartment. It looks amazing!!

    Secondly, I've played Agnes before. It's an interesting show. Oh, and the movie is creeeeeeeepy.

    Thirdly, I find shoe-throwing to be an entirely appropriate activity during any argument. In fact, I think I argue better sans shoe.

    PS: You talked about all that incredible food and now I'm hungry. Thanks a whole big bunch. (Waddles off to consume carbohydrates.)

  2. I love your photos of Chicago. It's one of my favorite cities.


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