posted on: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

good morning, loves!

i'm sitting here enjoying a delicious, husband-prepared cup of coffee
and an equally delicious, me-prepared open-faced goat cheese and tomato on sourdough sandwich

looking at these flowers
sometimes a girl's just gotta buy herself some flowers.
 and remembering this outfit. from last night. when we went out for pizza.
(i have no pictures of the pizza. but trust me, it was delish.)
boots: Frye, won them in a "favor exchange"; jeans: Rugby

shirt: Rugby, cardi: j.crew, belt: H&M, earrings: H&M, camera: canon 40D from this lil' precious

lips: MAC- Neon Orange lipstick over Pink Lemonade gloss.
(yes. all of these pics were taken in my closet.)

a few comments:
#1 note the amount of clothing i am wearing. after these pictures, i added a scarf and a leather jacket. and was still freezing. my friends, this should not be. April is for spring, and flowers, and maybe some showers. but, by God, not 40-degree weather.

#2 the hair is my attempt at this:
[via Cup of Jo]
but of course, you can't see the back.
and even if you could, my dye job is more 5.0+5.53+level 10 developer
and less balayage.
so it wouldn't show up so good.

#3 speaking of.
i'm contemplating a little balayage myself.
ya know, for the summer.
i tend to dye my hair right before major events in my life...
(i like to live riiight on the edge)
cut to the day before we left for Italy to get married
i got some highlights...which i was told were necessary to "brighten me up"
word of advice: when someone says they're loving that PEANUT BUTTER color they just put on your hair, get up. get out of the chair. and walk away. 
peanut butter belongs on a sandwich.
not your head.
anyway. crisis averted.
i dyed it right back to my "natural" color
(which is a dark, warm chestnut color that i've conjured up over the years (: )

so now i'm contemplating balayage
i did it once a few years ago.
i basically took a picture of Carrie Bradshaw circa Season 6 
to my hairdresser...
(and bff...Johanna)
me&jo. we were really close
(pipe down. that's not a real kiss. you can even see the thumb.)

...and said "do this."
i think that picture is even what the end result was.

anyway. i loved it.

and graduation is coming up...another big life event.
so why not?

your thoughts?
to dye? or...not to dye...


  1. i think you look good no matter what hair color you have. but i kinda like that your hair matches mine as of right now. it makes me feel closer to u, esp since we cant take pics like the one above.

  2. Brunettes have more fun and I want that hair-dooo.

    i am the SAME way aboout dying my hair before important events. i need an intervention. a blog intervention?

  3. do it!!! & I am a firm believer in buying myself flowers. & lucky for me there is a man right outside the metro who sells beautiful flowers for $5 ... i treat myself once a week :)

  4. go for it :) - just make sure there is no peanut butter.

  5. i just love you.

    totally dye your hair. i think it would look awesome. and your outfit is SO CUTE.

    also: what does "favor exchange" mean? is that code for your hubs bought them for you? get back to me on that one.

  6. dye it. for my sake. grant would shoot me if i ever went dark. also, the fact that you got frye boots from a "favor exchange" makes me 1. insanely jealous and 2. want to be at that favor exchange.

  7. i say go for it. and how do take cute pictures of yourself like that? i attempted to do that today cause i liked my outfit and failed miserably. you look adorable!


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