the game plan

posted on: Thursday, April 14, 2011

we (us Flemings) have a LOT of big stuff coming our way.
in the next few weeks.
tomorrow, a mover man comes to check out the shoebox
so he can know how easy/hard it will be to pack up our stizzuff.
then, NEXT friday, the movers come and pack and load all of our belongings
and start shipping it to Texas.
nick and i will be driving down there.
(road trip! through missouri and arkansas. get ready for red-neckedness.)
(if you live in missouri and/or arkansas and are offended by this comment,
i apologize. i am clearly ignorant of what lies in those states.
but i will find out. soon.)

after we drop off our earthly belongings in Texas
we split ways:
Nick goes to Cali for the big, annual, father-son fishing trip that he goes on every year
(except that he's missed it for the past 3 years because of stupid med school.)
I go to Florida to see this guy
circa 2007. air force academy's Ring Ball. he got his class ring. we were excited about it.
my broheim will be home. on leave.
so clearly i must go to him.

then May 4th, the hubs and i both fly back to Chicago to rendezvous
at the famed O'Hare Airport
before our flight for Istanbul takes off

we will be here for 3 glorious weeks
cappadocia- the land of phallic rocks.
traveling around.
seeing what there is to see.
a lot.

THEN we go back to Chicago
for a little o' this
just graduating from med school.
being doctors.

the day after graduation is a big day. for two reasons.
1. it's our one year anniversary. 05.28.11
2. we will be winging our way to hawaii

this is what i hope to see on the night of our anni. after all that traveling.
we'll be there with Nick's family for one glorious week
(they're treating us as a graduation present. i seriously have the BEST in-laws. ever.)

then we take a red-eye back to Chicago on June 4th
and immediately hop on a plane to Texas on June 5th
and FINALLY get to BE in our new home.

then comes residency.

but that's another post for another day.
i've been getting REALLY excited about our Turkey/Greek Isles trip.
expect some posts about that in the near future.

i just figured i'd give you all the game plan.
it's confusing and convoluted, i know.
i have trouble keeping track sometimes.

just kidding.
i don't.
but that's because i'm a psycho type-A.



  1. Whhhhhy do those rocks look like penises???

    But don't worry, that's not the only thing I got out of this post.

    HOLY COW GIRL, you have BIG THINGS ahead!!! How very, very exciting!! I can't wait to read all about it (and chat about it in person one of these days too!! :)

  2. uhm. wtf. all of your plans sound rad.

    and this is going to be inappropriate...

    but i am attracted to your brother.

  3. wowsa! YOU ARE BUISY!!! And i loved... loved your "red-neckedness" hahahahaha.
    hahahah. still laughing. And congratulations on Med school graduation! THAT . IS . HUGE .

  4. megan clearly needs reminding that she has a husband. inappropriate. oh wait, what did i expect?

    anywho: the phallic rocks are pretty ridiculous. who did they think they were kidding?

  5. Oh my!! You have AMAZING few weeks ahead!! LUCKY girl! Can't wait to read all about it!

  6. that is quite the line up! enjoy :)

  7. Girl, you've definitely got some big plans!! Sounds like lots of fun though. Can't wait to read all about it :)

  8. Wow...some big things ahead for you! Meg made me laugh. Like always.

    Hooray for moving South to Texas!!

  9. hi. happy thursday!
    ok enough of the small talk, lets get right to business:
    1. you look gorgeous in that picture!
    2. anyone who says stizzzzuff, i HAVE to be friends with.
    3. i went to the University of Alabama and am so not offended. there is definitely a case of redneck in certain parts. oh and on a side note: they DO wear shoes. Step up!

    have fun on your road trip and dont run out of gas! but lets say if you were run out of gas, you should run out of gas and get "lost" in Atlanta, and we could happen to "run" into each other and hang out......... just a thought.

  10. I just started to read your blog. I must say it is super cute! Congrats on graduating from med school! Looks like a lot of exciting things are coming up! I would love to move to Texas too!! Ohio weather sucks!! lol Have fun on your trips!! :)


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