happy monday!

posted on: Monday, April 4, 2011

i am deep in the throes of a seasonal depression, ya'll.
i left a beautiful, 80-degrees-and-sunny Florida last week
only to return to a gray, dreary, 50-degrees-and-rainy Chicago.
i'm hurtin. spring seems like it will never arrive.

to cheer myself up, i watched this little vid.
with my evidently phenomenal iPhone videography skills,
i managed to capture this gem of a sister of mine,
doing her fabulous rendition of Willow Smith's 21st Century Girl.
complete with dance moves.

she may never forgive me for sharing this with the worldwide web,
but Abby, know that you are bringing cheer to the hearts of thousands.

(okay. not that many. but just even ONE should matter, right?)


  1. clearly more than one person.

    i think willow could benefit from watching this. she definitely has some moves.

  2. i hate SAD. it is stupid. and ruins lives.


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