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posted on: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i'm gonna try and focus on this post.
i have a tendency to write in a rather stream-of-consciousness style
that i'm sure gets rawther tiring to follow after a while.

but this time
i focus.

help me decide.
i'm going to Turkey, and the Greek Islands
(which ones, you ask? no clue. we are flying by the seats of our pants.)
my hubs is a minimalista-backpacker type
(like, legit. he backpacked through China, Tibet, and Nepal.)
i pack a large rolling suitcase for weekend trips.

and now i'm trying to pick some shoes to travel with.
obviously just one pair.
(note: i'm also bringing a super cute, comfy pair of Born gold gladiators and my Rainbows.)
gotta pack light.

we'll definitely be walking a TON.
probably not actually HIKING.
but my belongings will for sure be on my back most of the time.
at least some of them.
feet cannot get weary too soon.


option A?
Keens. c/o Zappos.
 or Option B?
Toms. c/o Toms.
i need comfy shoes.
but i'd love it if i could also look decently attractive in the meantime.
i'm leaning toward the Toms. obvs.

because they're cuter.

but am i going to hate my feet?
anybody know?


  1. well, if we are going with cuteness then option B.... but remember that Mediterranean countries are VERY rocky which mean option B will wear off pretty quick. Option A seems more terrain ready ;)

  2. Whichever ones you choose, be sure to break them in beforehand. We don't need your pretty little feet getting all blistery..

    Sounds like it's going to be a great trip!! Just a tad jealous. ;)

    Hope you have a great night!

  3. My fiancé has the Keens and loves them! We did quite a bit of path walking (I don't want to call it hiking because that makes it sound much more intense and impressive than it was) this summer and that was all he wore! Plus, I actually think they're surprisingly cute in a sporty/outdoorsy sort of way. I've never owned Toms, but based on the endless adoration my fiancé has for the Keens, I'd say they're pretty awesome.

  4. What type of activities will you be doing on the islands?
    The greek islands are mostly beach islands so bring some flipflops! Also, it all depends on the month you will be going, because from personal experience, if the shoes are half closed (you can't wear socks) yet they arent very open and airy... makes for sweaty blistery feet! (sorry if that is crude!)
    Also, if you want cute and comfy, there are the Puma and Adidas ballerinas, I found them comfy!!
    For greek islands, you need to go to Santorini (must beautiful sunset in the world), Mykonos if you like to party, Rhodes for amazing beaches.
    In Turkey, Istanbul and Bodrum are amazing.
    If you want some tips let me know, I travelled there a couple times and I am going back in May so I am doing some research too!

  5. Em, I love love loooooooove my Keens and they're actually kind of cute on. I wore mine all through Costa Rica and they were awesome!

  6. TOMS. for sure. they are comfortable AND cute.
    i am new to your blog and loving it.


  7. My vote is for the Toms!! Love them! :) Have fun!

  8. Keens. They will hold up better and last longer. Your trip sounds really fun! Can't wait to see pictures. :)

  9. this post it out of my league and realm of knowledge.

  10. and YES people i live in england. and YES i travel. but i dont backpack. i also try and avoid all long distance walking and am currently taking the bus from my house to my side of campus which is a 10 minute walk...im currently working on bribing my school mate to bring his car back from ireland just so i have someone to drive me places.

    and NO i dont know what hostels look like on the inside because ive never been in one..and i also have a giant bleeding blister on the back of my foot from the little walking that i do in flats.

    the end.

  11. Emily - you HAVE to check out Sanuks. They're incredibly comfortable, good for all types of weather (well, ok, not snow, but I don't get any of that in Sarasota :) ) - I have a pair and practically live in them. These are my next purchase, so wild! http://www.sanuk.com/im-game

  12. Emily-
    I have a pair of both!! I adore my Toms but I think I would die, literally, if I had to wear them ALL day walking around! They are totally comfortable for a while, then not so much. When we traveled last summer in Africa, took 2 pairs of shoes and Toms were not one of them :). I would go with the Keens, but yes, make sure to break them in! Hope you are well, fun to see your face!

  13. keens, or check out chacos- they make mostly sandals but have a some "shoes" too... I am studying abroad in spain and wear my chacos ALL the time to walk around in, and I can't complain... they're the best!

  14. y'all's feedback is amazing.

    @Chiara: i'm bringing flip flops! no worries there. and we'll be there in May. not TOO balmy yet.

    @katelyn.joy & @notquitevegmeg: the Born's i'm bringing made it all across Italy last summer, and are SUPER comfortable. i just wanted something more closed-toe for this trip. the Med can be rocky-ish, so i hear. (:

    keep 'em coming!
    the jury is still out.

    (p.s. a trip to the store to try both options on is most definitely in order. stay tuned.)

  15. I was going to suggest TOMS as soon as you mentioned shoes. I walked San Fran, No.Cal, Seattle, Denver, Yellowstone and the Badlands in them and my feet loved me. I would suggest going for the canvas or burlap because they stretch just a touch for added comfiness.

  16. Toms, obvi. And then when you're tired, have him carry you. Sounds like a plan to me.

  17. The Toms are adorable, but they don't look too sturdy. I have never worn either though!

  18. emily, thanks so much for your nice comment. so exciting to read that you are traveling to turkey and greece. turkey is a really beautiful place, especially istanbul and cappadocia. you asked me about the shoes. in cappadocia you will for sure do a bit of hiking, so you need shoes with good grip and stability. i normally take my low hiking boots (mine are from north face) plus sneakers or ballerinas and flip flops for city visits. my bagpack normally weighs around 12-15 kg and I have been travelling like that all over asia and central america. no worries, in the end you will see that you actually carry your bagpack for less then you thought!
    have a great trip, when are you leaving?


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