a poll...and a solution

posted on: Friday, April 15, 2011

time for an update on my poll.

you peeps were pretttty much split down the middle
on the "toms vs keens" debate.

and you all had such *EXCELLENT* methodology behind your selections
that it seemed a shame to disregard anyone.

so i went with option C: both.

my keens

my toms
i think that having both will give me the perfect range of footwear options for our trip
and, as you will see in a near-future post, they will still fit perfectly in my pack.

so thanks for all the advice and insight!
and thank you for those who have already thrown in their two cents about my graduation attire
you da you da besss


your words are like music to my soul...and if you leave a comment, check back here for a response.

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