the shoebox

posted on: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

yesterday, my house was clean.
i took advantage of the brief window of opportunity that presented itself
and took some pictures.
for posterity
"look. this is where we lived right after we got married!"
our living room windows. first thing you see when you walk in.

look right: bookshelf/dresser extraordinaire

the baker's rack. making use of every sq. inch of storage space.
the closet: quite large, but still too small. as you can see. that's the hubs' stuff. (:

another view of the closet. from the living room. more storage. sensing a theme?
 hit those shelves and take a right, and you'll be looking at all Nick's stuff again.
take a left, and you'll be in the bathroom.
which i just now realized i forgot to photograph.

our tv. a christmas present from good ol' mom and dad.

the comfiest couch. (i'm sitting on it right now)
 from here you can see the bedroom door!
see it?
on the right?
more of those windows
 that large black thing on the bottom left is our...
Osteopathic Manipulation Table
used for osteopathic manipulation
we heal with our hands
(basically, it's a glorified massage table. but shhhh. don't tell the osteopaths.)
the radiator. and a man picture.
 i got that picture for Nick when he moved in right after we got married
the place needed a little man-ness.
cool story though: Nick has actually crashed his truck right in front
of the Garden Bar in Big Fork, Montana.

bedroom: where the magic happens
 yes. we have stuffed animals.
the bear is Bentley. he's mine.
the bison (?) is nameless. he's Nick's.
(boys are weird.)

Nick took that picture above the bed while he was in Tibet.
what's up, Nat Geo?
the pics above our bed.
 yes, that baby is me.
i like to keep it.
as a reminder of where i came from.
Nick's git-fiddle. (that's what my dad always calls guitars. ?)

the only wedding pics currently hanging in our home.
 these were a gift from my friend Julie.
God bless her.
without them, we'd still be wedding-pic-less
don't worry though.
our new house will be INUNDATED with wedding pics.
as many as Nick will let me. (:
where Good Doctors study.
 a nice smattering of literature there.
"Egypt" guidebook on top of the ICU book
Nutrition Guide for Clinicians
Netter's Anatomy Atlas
good times.
we have a lot. of books.

the teensiest-weensiest kitchen.

somehow we fit a dining table in this place.
 that table is older than me.
it has traveled allllll over.
including from Brazil (where it's from) to the U.S.
and now it's mine.
happy memories!
we're F's.
an old organ. that i now use as an end table.

thank you for visiting Apt. 203. come again soon!

there you have it.
The Shoebox.
in all of it's 407 square foot glory.

in case this wasn't enough pictures...
breakfast skillet
 here's a little potato, onion, egg, Gruyere, and tomato breakfast skillet i made
(this is what you do with leftover baked potatoes)
and me, channeling Ina Garten
(she always puts her herbs in water. genius move, Ina.)


  1. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    i love this post! your apartment is SO cute!!!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  2. love this! i'll have to do this too since we're moving in a couple weeks from our first home!

  3. lady, you have the coziest/cutest little apartment ever... definitely one to remember.

  4. love this fleming real estate! can you come help me decorate my bare home? thanksssss.

    you've got a place to stay when you visit the bro ... (:

  5. From another HPSP/DO student who admires your ability to maintain a blog (as I can barely maintain my laundry while in school...), I am curious if you use OMM in your ER rotations and/or expect to at BAMC - any DO attendings down there?

    I stumbled upon your blog after clicking a series of links from a friend's blog. Until seeing your blog, I was convinced that all bloggers were from a mysterious world where people can spend endless hours filling their lives with beauty and fun (jealous!!), so of course I was intrigued by a med student blogger!

    I had wondered what school you were at, until this post's glimpse of your table :) Thanks for the reminders that life can be fun and beautiful in the midst of the craziness!

  6. old organ as end table? Yes, please!

    ((and those flowers are be-a-utiful))

  7. I have a lot to say. First of all, I love your apartment so very much. It's super cute and obviously full of personality and life! It looks like the people that live there love each other and that's my favorite thing. Secondly, I want your living room windows. Thirdly, I sympathize with the book storage issue. There are bookcases in every room of our apartment and they still manage to collect in piles on every flat surface we own. Fifthly, my husband has two monkeys named Bob and Chim-Chim. They have been relegated to the closet since our pomeranian has decided anything on the bed is fair-game for her chewing pleasure. Sixthly, I too take pictures of my apartment when it's clean, if not for posterity, then simply to prove to visitors that it once was habitable for human beings. And seventhly (aren't you glad there's a seventhly?), I have been teaching all day and haven't eaten a single bite since YESTERDAY and that making me feel slightly faint. So that's enough. I loved this post.

  8. Wow, also...apparently, in graduate school, they have not taught me to count. There is no fourthly. I have something against even numbers.

  9. i kind of feel special because i the tour via skype..before everyone else..i big deal..


  10. Love your apartment! I know you CANT wait to decorate your new one!!!

  11. Goodness, and I thought my 795sq ft 2 bedroom rental was small. Please come help me redecorate when you come to Texas! Purdy please?!

    Great pictures! Hope you have a great night Em.

  12. I love your little apartment, Em. I really enjoyed getting this peek inside! I feel cheated for never getting to live in an apartment. Is that weird? Probably. But I've always wanted to live in one! :)

    Anyway, nice job decorating the place and working with what ya got! I love that dining table. :)

  13. I'm moving to Hong Kong in a couple of months where I'm pretty sure we'll wind up living in a similar sized shoebox, so this is great inspiration as to how to furnish/decorate!! Thanks!!


  14. i think i laughed at 90% of your captions. you're funny. congrats!

  15. 407 SQUARE FEET?! My boyfriend and I once shared a 600 sq ft apartment and I felt claustrophobic - HOW did you do it? And we have the same baker's rack - except my basket shelf is crowded with pounds and pounds of fruit and vegetables, and yours with liquor. Want to trade? :) I've been sifting through your blog, and I hope you're having fun in Turkey!


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