posted on: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

now, y'all, i did not take this picture.
(like my use of texas vernacular there?!)
but in my 2 days of being a texas resident,
i can say--with confidence--that i would be hard-pressed to find you a more striking sky

everything's bigger in Texas, so they say
and while my field investigation of this claim has been limited thus far
(investigations will be ongoing...stay tuned)
i have to say that, as far as the sky is concerned, it's true.

there is so much to catch all of you up on!
we picked up the keys to our new apartment last night
it is BEAUTIFUL by the way
like a perfect canvas...just waiting to be decorated
our new mattress was delivered last night
(though we have yet to sleep on it. still staying with family.)
and today will be filled with more furniture shopping (!),
some pool-lounging,
and the general enjoyment of being WARM.

more pics and tales to come...

Welcome to Texas!!


  1. Yay!! We are happy to have you in TEXAS!!!

  2. Yaaay!! SO glad to be so CLOSE! Hehe!! :)

  3. wow sounds pretty fantastic! and WARM :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. I'm staying tuned, because I'd like to know if you find evidence for everything being bigger in Texas. (:

    And 3 cheers for being warm... my husband and I are moving soon, and I'm hoping it's to Florida. I'm very sick of snowy Colorado. Ugh.

    Enjoy Texas!

  5. nothing quite as glorious as moving into a bigger, newer apartment.

  6. Hey saw your guest post at Across the pond...haha Isn't Texas amazingg!? I live here...and love it =)

  7. I fully believe that Texas has the most beautiful skies. I have a hard time convincing people of that. but alas, it is true.

  8. Yay!! How fun!! I hope you love Texas! I'm excited to hear all about it because we've been talking about moving to Texas!

  9. i LOVED texas when I visited there :)

  10. you're going to love being a texas resident! my family lives in the san antonio area (45 minutes west in kerrville)...and i love that city! if you haven't tried the following, you must:
    chris madrid's hamburgers
    mi tierra for mexican food
    the mercado for lots of little treats and trinkets
    la cantera for shopping

    enjoy! xoxo


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