what to wear?

posted on: Thursday, April 14, 2011

this "graduation attire" dilemma really has me puzzled.
i have NO idea what to wear.

some googling was in order, to see what emily post might have had to say on the matter
but someone recommended that a female medical school graduate wear a pant suit??
surely not.

either way, this is advice i'm choosing to ignore.
but should i err on the side of a more professional option?


here's some more ideas rolling around in my brain
(hypothetical of course. i'm not making the dr's salary yet.)

via [bhldn]

also via [bhldn]

either one of these could be delightful. business in the front, party in the back. (via my pinterest)
due to packing restraints, i'm trying to pick a dress that pairs well with
nude patent leather pumps
(courtesy of nine west)

it's gonna be time to put my big girl panties on and actually go
this weekend

nick is out of town all weekend (sad face)
so this gives me excuse to shop profusely
and drink girly bev's (ya know, cocktails. wine. the like.) with my ladies

any ideas, friends?


  1. i would go with somethin classic and simple. :) grey is in right now and that would look really good with your shoes!

  2. i think we have identical lives. i have been looking at dresses all day online for graduation. if you find one like the blair/serena combo, please let me know. i die.

  3. I definitely don't think you have to wear a pantsuit, but I would wear something classy and somewhat modest. A bright color with your nude pumps would be divine!

  4. I love those dresses! The second one is my favorite. I agree with Megan, nude pumps with bright color!

  5. Love the nude pumps and bright dress idea too. And I think if you worked for years and years on this degree you should be able to wear anything you want so def nix the pant suit. Can't wait to see what you find!

  6. this first is my fave. you will be smokin no matter what.

  7. agreeing with Ahn. youll look hot in no matter what you put on..even a pants suite..but please dont.

    all those dresses are to die for. i want them all. do a bold color.

  8. Coral is definitely in right now. Love the first dress and last one on the right! They would look gorgeous with the nude pumps.

    Congrats again, girl! It's just around the corner. :)

  9. in love with the coral color of the first dress, gorgeous!


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