a few jokes for ya, lads.

posted on: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

megan was right.  it is cozy up in hurrrr.  

so, hi.  i'm bridget from tales of me and the husband.  

this is me.  looking like a fool.  taken, oh, a second ago.
and for those of you who've seen my photobooth nastiness before, you might wonder, 
"where pray tell, did all their books in the shelf go?"  
answer: we're moving things around in this joint and they're in the other room at the moment.

so.  i've got some jokes for ya.
all rated pg.  how could i guest post for someone else
and share raunchiness on her blog?
that'd be wrong (but is sooo tempting).

anyway... my jokes.
funnier when told in person, yes, 
but since i haven't had the pleasure of meeting all of you, 
this blog post will have to suffice.

joke 1:
how many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
it's a really obscure number, you've probably never heard of it.

(that one is my faaave.  so true!)

joke 2:
muffins were baking in the oven.  one muffin turned to the other muffin and said, "gosh it's hot in here." and that muffin said, "ah!  a talking muffin!"

(random yes.  doesn't totally make sense?  perhaps.  funny?  i say so.)

joke 3:
what did the 0 say to the 8?
nice belt.

(classic, kids love that one too)

annnnd i'm out.

do you have any for me?


  1. Bridget, your hipster joke never gets old.

    And yes, I was worried about your books.

  2. Ugh! Your hair is freakin' gorgeous! And cute jokes! I'll remember that 0 and 8 one! :)

  3. why couldn't you share raunchiness on this one? megan guest posts and does it all the time.

    but i love these jokes. my favorite:

    what type of pants does mario wear?
    denim denim denim. (say it out loud.)

    it's funny!! right? no? fail.

  4. just sayin'.. I am probably going to start following your blog because of those jokes. Especially the hipster one!!!


  5. Those are awesome! I'm going over to your blog right now!!!

  6. Bridget, you are too cute! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

    Here's one for ya, How did the farmer fix his jeans? With a cabbage patch! Hehe love it :)


  7. haha alisha, Love it. and eday, you're right. megan's totally dirty all over the place. and i keep trying the denim denim denim one and i dont get it. ssad.

  8. Love these types of jokes! I'm sure my BF enjoys them too... NOT. He hates them. His loss.

    What's a pirates favorite letter?

    (spoken with a pirate accent) You'd think it's an Rrrrrr but it's actually the C!

    Get it? C. Sea.
    Yeah I'm out.

  9. hahahha. only thing better would be to hear you tell them in person. Cause you tend to crack yourself up. LOVE your humor you!

  10. A duck walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender says, "How would you like to pay for it?" and the duck replies, "Just put it on my bill."


    I heart corny jokes.

  11. why did they fire the cross-eyed teacher?


    because she couldn't control her pupils.

    thats my mom's favorite joke. i think its pretty great too.

  12. I didn't understand the first and last one....dear lord...

  13. haha! I particularly love the "nice belt" one. :)

  14. Okay so I feel kind of nerdy and childish for laughing at the "nice belt" joke ha! The hipster joke was great too though... I feel so hip for getting it ;)

  15. Have you heard about my new corduroy pillow? It's making "head" lines! (vertical hand motions along your face help with delivery!)

  16. have you heard the one how ....
    hipsters might think their grandparents were cooler if they thought of them more as vintage.

    that's just a statement. not a joke. i fail.

  17. what is mario's favorite fabric?
    denim denim denim!

  18. Bahahah the nice belt joke is awesome. Stolen!



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