goodbye Florida!

posted on: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i've had a lovely time here in florida with my fam
and now it's time for me to go
to Turkey.

here's some proof of memories made...

Abby had a birthday. (almost. May 8. it's birthday week now. she'll be 12)

ice cream cake.

she got the piece with the A.

first bite.

"do i have something on my lip?"

dads are cool.

my brother turned into grizzly adams in afghanistan.

pseudo-intellectual. with tattoos.

ahhh florida.

she's 12. he's 15. they're the same size. God help her future boyfriends.

somebody's a diiiiiivaaaaa.

eating snow crab legs.
sometimes, with my family, i am the only photographer
which means there are no pics of me.

that's okay. there will be TONS of pics of me in the posts following our trip
which brings me to...
The Plan.

while i'm gone, there will be a series of amazing bloggers guest-posting
miss it.
i've scheduled a few posts ahead of time too
just about random stuff that has occurred to me in the past few weeks
should be pretty random
i've been saving up these potential post topics for this trip.
i'm a nerd.
i know.

so that's the plan, Stan.
you'll all be well taken care of while i'm gone.
i can't wait to read my OWN blog to see what these lovelies have come up with

(that's "goodbye" in turkish)


  1. is that ice cream cake?! niiiice.

  2. LOVE ice cream cake!!! have a great time in turkey! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family in FL! What part of Florida is that... it's beautiful. My husband and I are moving there next month. I can't wait! Save travels!

  4. i have a new friend here. she is turkish. so ill probably hang out with her to make me feel like im in turkey with you.

    that makes sense.


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