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posted on: Friday, May 6, 2011

hey party people. 
it's ahn
i'm all over the blog-o-sphere these days...
with the exception of my own blog this week.
lazy bones.

 i'm really pleased to be here today because of the following reasons:

1. em is intelligent and super cute, both come naturally for me as well.
2. em just finished med school, i appreciate doctors.
3. em got married in italy, i had wine at my wedding.

a relative enjoying wine at wedding.
if i could do my wedding over i think i would have done it like em's. 
fewer people.
however, since my wedding was, i need to shut my face and appreciate it.
here are some pictures to prove it was as close to italy as i could get.

 and there you have it.
a central california wedding doing it's damndest to fake an italy wedding.


  1. oh gosh Ahn. I freaking miss you like whoa. these pics are so breathtaking.

  2. LOL! em's wedding was in italy, we had wine. LOVE it. your wedding looks like mine. instead mine was on a farm in KY. but same feel. if i wasn't already following you, i would follow you now. 'cause you put up attractive wedding photos. no other reason.

  3. Wow!! LOVE these pictures! That one with the sun coming through the trees is GORGEOUS! And the relative enjoying wine? Hilarious. These pics made me smile! :) Thanks!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! And Ahn, your wedding was breathtaking. Hehe and I love the relative enjoying the ENTIRE bottler for herself. Sounds a bit like mi familia!


  5. well, AHNrn't you pretty?
    good job getting married!

  6. cool wedding...wish I had been invited


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