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posted on: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi Airforce/Doctor Barbies readers!
Sarah here, from fairy tales are true.
I'm an ex-pat living in Switzerland, and currently on holiday in Scotland.
I've actually been on a real live blate with our doctor.
here and here.

and to answer your burning questions:
she is just as smart and hot in person.
we all have reason to be jealous.
it is true.
don't hate her cuzzzz you aint her.


someone recently asked me on my formspring ...
"how did you know JB was THE one?"

I responded in a hurry.
but I'd like to give a more in depth response.

I knew my husband when we were kids.
this is what husband looked like.  i want to have ten two that look just like that.  

but it wasn't until high school he really noticed me.
and then it took college and courage
(him at wake forest and myself at flagler: i.e.: lotsa miles apart)
 until we struck up a friendship.
or a flirtationship. let's call it what it really was.
mostly, we talked on the phone.

i was a serial dater.
really didn't take boys seriously.
or their feelings.
that wasn't very nice.

but i always cared about JB's feelings.
i cared about him so much.
:that should have given it all away that he was the one... but i'm slow to catch on:

we finally went on some friendly dates.
that ended with some hot hand holding.
he took it slow (just how i like need things) ... clue number two.

but then he went away for spring training in arizona.
and instead of our relationship actually moving forward ... it stalled.
i'm easily frustrated.
patient, that's him. not me.

then a memorable phone call happened.
he got straight to the point.
he really reallllly liked me.
ahhhh sweet confirmation.

A few days later...
he called me a day before I finished my first year teaching,
said "you're going to atlantic city ... here's your ticket ... you leave tomorrow"
(he was there for baseball)
romance.  i needed it.  another clue ...
the early days.
 and yes this picture really happened.  

from then on, there was so much romance.
genuine sincere romance.
lots and lots of plane tickets too.
i was woozey in the head.
love drunk.
totally smitten.
honestly, i had never been happier.

and then ...
something terrible happened.
i got sick.
as in, loose your vision.
open heart surgery.
IV antibiotics for 3 months straight.
thoracotomy sick.
i'd puke on the floor beside him,
 just from standing.
that's how i greeted him most of the time.

but here's how i really knew.
the romance didn't stop.
he never stopped  wooing me.
when i was 90 pounds soaking wet.
losing hair at 24.
with a PIC line ... which meant i couldn't shower.

i'd get in my bathing suit.
sit in a chair because I couldn't stand.
he'd wash what was left of my matted hair.
blow dry my hair.
make me feel a bit better about my situation.

he'd buy me flowers, presents, cards ... sleep in a hospital chair next to my bed.
soooo... then i really knew. he was the one.

but for the stories sake, and to finish it.
i got better.
thank The Lord.
i went to graduate school.
worked in cardiac rehab.
(God has a plan after all)
got engaged!
{courtesy of jessica lorren}

and now we travel the world together.
so you see, fairy tales are true.
even if i was a skeptic a few years ago ... I believe now.


Thanks Emmie for having me here!!


  1. Sarah, you are proof that fairy tales do come true - LOVE you blog and your guest post x

  2. I love Sarah's story, living proof that fairy tales really do come true!


  3. oh gosh. this story just tugged at every heart string. so incredible much love.

  4. gosh sarah, you just made me cry in the middle of my lunch break sitting at my desk. i am so happy that you got better and that you have found someone who sticked to you even in your worst times! have a great time in scotland! xox

  5. i love this story, have sooo much fun in scotland with jb!

  6. wow sarah you did find yourself a keeper. i am so happy for you that you have JB in your life. what a great guy! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. 1. oooookay. as if i needed reasons to love sarah more.

    2. i loooove that baby jb looks like grown-up jb.

    3. um, you look GOOD with brown hair, sarah. i like!

  8. i have GOOSEBUMPS! i had no idea... fairy tales are true, i absolutely love it :)

  9. Wow Sarah I had no idea you went through all that...did you ever blog about being sick before? wonder if I missed that post.... :( So glad you are okay!

  10. Such an amazing story! It is just so inspiring to know that 'fairy tales come true' as you say... someday it'll happen for all of us!

  11. I've read your story numerous times.. but this time I cried.

    Don't tell anyone.

  12. I love your story! What an awesome guy for sticking by your side through it all! :)

  13. Such a beautiful story Sarah. I believe in fairy tales and am waiting for mine to come true. Thanks for giving us hope!

  14. What a lovely story! I love hearing about how people get together! I am feeling extra nostalgic since tomorrow is my three yr wedding anniversary!

  15. Nothing makes me smile bigger than sweet love stories except for maybe happy endings. Yours had both and I'm so happy for you!! Loved your post!

  16. fairy tales are true! i believe!!

  17. your loves story never gets old!! it's what hooked me on your blog :)

  18. sarah.. this is SO sweet. i'm tearing up at work and blame you for my smudged mascara ;) seriously thouggh, what a beautiful story and how amazing you found your perfect match!!


  19. Oh my goodness, I just discovered this blog through Fairy Tales are True. I loved reading this guest post and discovering this blog! Thank you to you both!

  20. loooove it. love it. such a fairytale.

    no pun intended!

  21. I have goosebumps, this is such a gorgeous story!


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